Matching Process for New Host Home Providers

Support Inc. is committed to providing the best residential services through our Host Home residential model for people with disabilities. We want to ensure that the individual with disabilities becomes a member of the family that is hosting them. To assist the individual and his or her family in choosing a home we provide a matching process that will assist in ensuring a good match.

We interview the consumer as well as potential Host Home providers about lifestyle habits and interests. The interview includes categories of questions about cleanliness, personal needs, social environments and pet peeves. We use a listing of 20 different preferences that have been determined to be key concerns for the individual and his family as well as the potential Host Home provider.

The matching process begins after we determine the wants and needs of the person with disabilities. We do this by interviewing the person and his family with the Ideal Provider Profile. Our placement team reviews the person's needs, preferences, and lifestyle and a preliminary match is made.

The potential Host Home provider receives an Ideal Consumer Profile in which they outline what meets their personality, preferences, and lifestyle. Once the paperwork is received the placement team will complete a home study.

When selecting a family we consider ethnicity, religion, marital status, and other children in the home, employment status, financial stability, compatible personalities and openness to ongoing contact with family.

We will contact the Host Home provider after a match has been made. Our placement team will set up opportunities to meet and allow both parties to meet and get to know a little bit about each other. The placement team will discuss the compatibility of both parties after this meeting and will then determine if this is a match.

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