Everything we do at Support, Inc. can be articulated through the lens of our Vision, Mission and Values. These aren’t just words to us…they’re the thread that weaves the tapestry to create what we do, why we do it and the way we do it differently. 

Why Choose Us?

There’s a good reason we’re regarded as the gold standard. Actually, make that several reasons: person-centered approach, dedication, experience and longevity.

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To redefine the experience of community living for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to the point of there being no question as to where individuals and families choose to be served.


To passionately support individuals living with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their caregivers, by offering innovative and cost-effective services and a personalized care approach that provides a safe, healthy and thriving community-oriented lifestyle.


Our Values

Person Centered

Identify, respect and care for individuals and their differences, values, preferences, goals, and expressed needs. Listen intently, communicate clearly and respond thoughtfully to support them in every way.

Teamwork & Communication

Work cooperatively, listen respectfully and proactively collaborate and share information for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Innovative Thinking

Generate novel ideas and contribute a fresh perspective, innovative approach and imaginative solutions in response to challenges in service delivery.

Adaptability & Flexibility

Positively embrace new and different ways of doing things.

Dependability & Reliability

Provide reliable and dependable services in a consistent, cohesive manner.


- Medicaid Certified

- Program Approval - State of Colorado for Residential, Employment, and Day Services


- Alliance of Colorado (Association of Community Center Boards and Service Provider Organizations (Alliance)

- Colorado Association of Nurses for Developmental Disabilities (CANDD)

Career Opportunities

If you are interested in a career with Support, Inc., please visit our Employment section.

Of the individuals and families we serve – 96% would recommend Support, Inc. services to others and 97% are happy with our day program services. For three years in a row, 100% of Support, Inc.’s team members surveyed annually said they would recommend Support, Inc. as a great place to work.

Data from Annual Surveys