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Care That's Changing Lives- Innovative disability services in colorado

We all thrive when we’re part of a community. It keeps us engaged, stimulated and gives us a sense of belonging. The same holds true for those we care for. Their sense of well-being, and their opportunity for growth and independence is enhanced when they’re appropriately integrated into their surroundings. 

That’s precisely why we place such a high value on community-based care. It allows for increased flexibility, responsiveness and for individuals to be recognized as just that, individuals. 

Specifically, our services include 24-hour supervised living, ADA support, Applied Behavioral Analysis and Positive Behavior Approach. Together, they make the best programs for adults with disabilities. 

Our Services

Residential services

Just as no two people are the same, neither are their specific needs for home. Whether that’s as a full time resident in a host home, in a family home, or their own home or apartment, our spectrum of options and opportunities is designed to offer stability, progress and, of course, safety. And because each situation is unique, and we approach it in this way. Our staff will adapt their approach to each individual and family’s specific needs as our guide, while building a strong partnership for many years to come.

day services

When we’re guided to engage, learn, explore and have fun – incredible things can happen. Minds expand, skills develop and friendships are made. From individual and group activities, to life skills and work experience opportunities, we help to build upon strengths and smiles, providing some of the best disability programs for adults.

clinical services

Nothing is more personal than the care we give, for we believe it reflects how we see ourselves and the world around us. That’s one of the many things that makes us extremely passionate about providing and sustaining a level of service unequaled in our industry. In fact, we have a name for it. We call it passionate compassion

But embodying this belief doesn’t come from looking at a piece of the whole; it requires taking a panoramic perspective – a big picture view of a person’s thoughts, feelings, physical wellbeing and more. Which is why we’re pioneering a new clinical model, one that incorporates a trauma-informed approach to services, and includes the knowledge that intellectual, developmental and mental health disabilities are co-occurring – always. 

Using this lens, we carefully evaluate the symptoms in need of support, versus behaviors that need to be understood. And that allows us to develop a long-term emotional management program that seamlessly and cohesively integrates with necessary day-to-day care. Click below to learn more about our innovative clinical disability programs for adults. 

"Support, Inc has been great for this family since we all started working together, and I am so relieved Johnny is in such good hands!"
Senior Case Manager
Community Centered Board