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Clinical Services

If you are looking for in home health care or a home health aide near you, Support, Inc. can help.

Having an intellectual and developmental disability comes with many challenges, one of those being co-occurring mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, PTSD and more. But for far too long, individuals have been treated as if they have a singular disability – with little to no attention paid to the underlying conditions that can have a significant impact on their life. 

Typically, intervention occurs only when extreme behavior arises. But at Support, Inc., we’re doing things a lot differently. When it comes to in home health care near you, we look at the whole person – not just their physical and mental challenges, but their emotional and spiritual ones as well. And through our uniquely individualized mental and behavioral health treatment plans, we work to assist individuals in experiencing a greater sense of peace, wellbeing, progress and enhanced quality of life. 

With this earlier intervention comes another benefit, caregivers develop a deeper understanding of an individual’s needs, and are empowered to proactively and compassionately provide the environment to match.

Clinical Services

How It

It all starts with an integrative assessment package, one that includes structured information gathering through a 365-degree approach, and concludes with evidence-based treatment plans within the context of a strong client-therapist relationship. Working directly with caregivers and providers, we assess symptoms, evaluate problem areas and set long-term, emotional management goals. Then together, we thoughtfully construct a plan that involves training the people involved in the individual’s day-to-day, as well as teaching the client how their body responds to stress and other emotions though sessions done in an individual or group setting.

All of our Clinical Services utilize evidence-based practices that integrate Applied Behavioral Analysis and non-Applied Behavioral Analysis therapies. Our clinical staff are all highly-experienced, masters-level professionals.



Providing in home health care and home health aides near you – ongoing, round-the-clock care in a safe, caring environment.

Our clinical team is available to work with individuals in the Support, Inc. and other service agencies residential programs, at the client’s choosing, to provide residential home health care as well as ongoing behavioral and therapeutic supports. We will work closely with the individual’s entire support team, such as family members, caregivers, host home providers, residential coordinators, or any other involved party to develop individualized plans, provide direct counseling and supports, along with ongoing monitoring.


The most important skills come from the heart.

There’s nothing quite like contributing your skills–no matter what they may be–to increase your self-confidence and self-worth. Based on a belief that every person should be included and empowered to contribute to their community through working, together with Easterseals Colorado, we help place individuals in situations where they can learn and grow through our individualized employment plans, coaching and support.

"As a parent of an individual who originally used Support, Inc. for host home services, and now as a care giver, I have had the best of both worlds...At Support, Inc., I felt the choice of homes were outstanding, and working with the staff, I could see we were all on the same page. Later, when I became a caregiver, I experienced the training first hand. The medical training was top shelf. Also, at every turn, it was stressed that the client was the top prioirty, with no one else higher. The staff trained me step by step, so I was comfortable with all aspects of the program. They made me feel as an equal, not an employee, with our main objective being the care of the client.
Family Caregiver & Parent

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Residential Services

Wherever home may be, it should nourish the mind and body and provide a peaceful place to thrive.

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To reveal your potential, you have to be given opportunity. Every day.

Clinical Services

Truly knowing a person comes from developing the foundation for understanding their needs.