People Helping People

In 1989, Dennis Kirkman, PhD, discovered that an out-of-state company was about to abandon 13 intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals living in a Denver Metro apartment building. Determined to do something to help, Support, Inc. was born.

Since then, we’ve evolved into the premier provider of community-based solutions for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across the entire front range of Colorado. And it is with this foundation, which we simply refer to as “people helping people”, that we partner with families, guardians and individuals to joyfully and tirelessly support them on their journey. 


About Dennis Kirkman 

Dennis is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Support, Inc. After receiving graduate degrees in Psychology from both Indiana University and the University of Colorado, Dennis focused his early career on individual and group psychotherapy in the Denver Metro area. Eventually, he joined and co-owned a group practice in Denver names The Denver Counseling Center.

It wasn’t until he started doing student intelligent testing for a local school district, that he began his 38-year passion for working with families and members within the intellectually and developmentally disabled community. This passion quickly evolved into Dennis holding leadership roles in several large organizations over the next eight years. And in 1989, when he had the opportunity to save an apartment program that had been abandoned by another organization, Support, Inc. came to life.

Dennis grew up professionally just as Humanistic Psychology and human potential movement was coming into its own. It was only natural then that Dennis would apply those same credos to the organization he founded – and at the heart of that is a person-centered approach.

Dennis served on the board of Family Resource Center Association, a local non-profit, for six years, two of which were as chairman of the board. Dennis loves most outdoor activities, especially hiking, skiing, and traveling.