Residential Services for Adults with disabilities

Young or old, we all need to feel like we belong.

Looking for a care home near you?

Nothing facilitates quality of life like having a nurturing, safe and engaged home. If you are looking for a personal care home near you, look no further. Our flexible, personalized approach allows for a variety of home care scenarios designed to offer not just thoughtful care, but an environment that enables an individual to flourish in a personalized assisted living setting for disabled adults. 

Our team of passionate professionals has created what is considered the gold standard when it comes to crafting and delivering support based on the unique needs of the individual. After all, we’re creating a home for someone and nothing is more important than ensuring it’s safe, nourishing and…feels like home. Read below to learn more about our variety of residential services for adults with disabilities. 



There is no substitute for the feeling of accomplishment.  

Self-sufficiency leads to confidence and confidence leads to independence. It’s a simple but profound progression that contributes to a fulfilling, well-rounded life that’s integrated into the community. And our goal is to facilitate those opportunities for individuals when and where appropriate. 


We do that by partnering with our clients to carefully identify the level of support, location and desired lifestyle – all with the goal of creating an environment that enables them to thrive in the most personalized residential services for adults with disabilities.  


Key aspects of our Independent Apartment Living Program include:

  • Finding an apartment that meets the needs of the individual, including location and physical layout
  • Personal assistance with general care and skills development, such as grocery shopping, medical appointments, transportation, household chores (with sensitivity to the individual’s risk factors)
  • 24-hour support line


For friends and family providing home care – you’ve gone above and beyond, now let us help.

For years you’ve provided support and care for your loved one. And you’ve most likely done it with little to no help. But thanks to the Family Caregiver Act, both financial and non-financial caregiver support may be available to you in the form of in home support services (IHSS). 

Important aspects of our Family Caretaker Program, which supports friends and family home care, include:

  • Maximum flexibility to create your plan.
    • Paying you or a family member for the level of care you desire
    • Hiring a non-family member to provide care and personal assistance
    • Coverage or reimbursement for costs related to life events and needs outside of traditional staffing
    • Many other activities
  • Screening and training for non-family member care, keeping you and your loved one at the forefront of the hiring process.
  • More options and choices tailored for your family. Create your own paid working hours and natural supports schedule to accommodate your unique lifestyle, preferences and activities. 
  • Residential supports and respite care options matched to your level of need.
  • Complementary training options, offered both in person and online, that are simple, clear and can be provided for you and your staff.
  • Competitive pay rate, mileage reimbursement and access to our employee benefits plan. 
  • 24-hour support line
  • See “Resources Page” for Family Caregiver pay rates


There is no better feeling knowing your home is waiting.

What better way to create the feeling of home than an actual home? Taking into careful consideration a person’s needs, we work to design a family-oriented environment for everyone involved. With open arms, our Host Home Providers (similar to adult foster care providers) are committed to providing a nurturing, supportive and safe home atmosphere that allows for growth and discovery no matter what the individual’s journey. Host homes are an innovative form of assisted living for disabled adults. The providers we recruit
are fully supported by the teams they work with. Supports include
trainings, phone calls, check ins and financial incentives on a case by
case basis. 

A Host Home resident will: 

  • Fully experience their growth and potential, discover greater independence and develop new life skills 
  • Have an opportunity to thrive in a secure, caring environment and be more engaged in the world around them
  • Make new friends and engage in social and community activities 
  • Be confident knowing home host providers are pre-screened through background and reference checks, as well as home safety inspections

A Host Home provider will: 

  • Receive extensive, ongoing training in the developmental disabilities field 
  • Participate in additional customized training, specific to the individual(s) they care for 
  • Have access to additional supports from a
    residential program coordinator, nurse, clinician and public benefits specialist
  • The host home provider will be offered a competitive wage and have the opportunity to help a resident flourish in their home
"The case managers that have been assigned to us are attentive and answer our questions in a timely manner. I love that there are resources on staff, such as a nurse, social security benefits help, and other professionals to answer questions and help at any time."
Heidi Kramm
Family Caregiver & Parent

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