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Community access programs

Whatever your interest is, we likely have a connection. 

Regardless of where you are in all of our service areas, chances are we have something happening near you.  We seek to create activities, partnerships, and opportunities beyond traditional day program services.  Opportunities are abundant to engage the mind, body, or just simply have fun.

“They have great programs and activities that allow my son to be involved in. We are still quite busy in school, but have the option to join in at any time. We receive information about these activities every month.”
Heidi Kramm
Host Home Provider

An active social life seeds lifelong memories.

Our name says it all: LIFE (Learning Independence & Friendship through Experience). This unique and popular social club takes on a vibrant life of its own. Members engage with their peers in fun social, informational and recreational activities – all in a supervised, safe and structured setting. Membership is open to all clients.


BACPAC Bold Adventures Creating Possibilities and Challenges
Opening eyes, hearts and minds to the wonder around us.    

Remarkable experiences should be available to each one of us. And BACPAC, a 501c3 non-profit organization, does just that for clients who may be interested. Their mission is to move beyond the day-to-day and reveal some of the amazing things Colorado has to offer, including events like dances, parties and other social get-togethers. 

Clinical Groups
Engage, learn and do in a supportive group setting.

There’s no better way to learn than by doing and experiencing. Our clinicians and therapists lead groups in learning about a variety of subjects that directly affect them. Topics such as physical health, social skills, mental health and several others are addressed in a supportive, community atmosphere. Engaging and full of sensory opportunities, our Clinical Groups make learning the way it should be, fun and interesting. 

Outbound Direct Care
There’s always someone there to lend a hand.   

We all need a helping hand now and then and those we care for are no different. Whether it’s simple assistance with grocery shopping, household tasks or personal hygiene, we’re here to help. Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) work throughout the front range making life a little smoother, a little easier. 

Employment Services
The most important skills come from the heart.

There’s nothing quite like contributing your skills–no matter what they may be–to increase your self-confidence and self-worth. Based on a belief that every person should be included and empowered to contribute to their community through working, together with Easterseals Colorado, we help place individuals in situations where they can learn and grow through our individualized employment plans, coaching and support.

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Residential Services

Wherever home may be, it should nourish the mind and body and provide a peaceful place to thrive.

Day Services

To reveal your potential, you have to be given opportunity. Every day.

Clinical Services

Truly knowing a person comes from developing the foundation for understanding their needs.