Young or old, we all need to feel like we belong.

Host Home services

Many adults with developmental disabilities thrive in a supportive, family environment. Our compassionate and skilled Host Home Providers are ready to offer this care, similar to adult foster care. Through partnerships with private individuals and families, Support Inc. places adults with developmental disabilities in safe and nurturing personal care homes. 

Extensive Support

Support, Inc. ensures comprehensive support for both clients and host home providers. Our team includes experienced behavior specialists, nursing staff, quality assurance professionals and public benefits experts. We continuously evaluate our services, using effectiveness and efficiency measures to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. 

In addition to Host Homes, we offer various residential services to meet diverse needs. Our Apartment Program caters to individuals seeking a more independent life-style. For families wishing to care for their loved ones at home, we provide services under the Family Caregiver Act. We also offer residential support through the Companion Model. At Support, Inc., we deliver the gold standard of assisted living services for disabled adults.

Our Host Home Model

Support, Inc. has over 100 host homes in Denver and Northern Colorado. We offer a variety of host home settings to our customers, which in general is assisted living for disabled young adults. This is similar to adult foster care. Each of these settings is unique so that you can find a home that matches your lifestyle. Whether you wish to live with a single provider or with an entire family with children, we will find your ideal home.

In the traditional Host Home model, the client resides in the home of the provider. You will have your own bedroom but share the common areas of the home with other members of the household.

The Host Home Provider is charged with providing a safe, loving environment for you. They are responsible for day-to-day care including providing meals, medication administration, arranging for medical care and treatment, and to meet other specific needs you might have.

Support, Inc. ensures that all Host Home Providers and adequately trained and skilled in areas of general care, Medication Certification, First Aid and CPR, positive behavior supports, Consumer Rights, etc. Our Residential Coordinators monitor all of our host homes carefully to ensure your safety, that all your needs are met and that you are receiving the highest level of care. 

At Support, Inc., helping you achieve the highest quality of life is of the utmost importance to us. Thus, we work with your Host Home Provider, and other care providers to ensure that you are learning new skills which contribute to independence and personal growth. This could include safety and safety awareness skills, money management, cooking skills, hygiene skills and/or other activities of daily living.

Refer a Host Home Provider and get paid a referral fee! Send them this link and tell them to add your name in the “How did you hear about us?” field. You may also print out these fliers to give to your friends, family, church co-members, parents of your children’s friends, and/or other interested friends and family.


Host Home

Matching Process

The most important part of all of this? You. 

We’re committed to providing the very best residential services and experiences for our clients possible – no matter what their needs and requirements may be. And because we want to ensure the individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities truly becomes a member of their Host Home family, we provide a thorough and rigorous matching process that is second to none.

We interview the client, as well as potential Host Home providers, about lifestyle habits and interests using a list of 20 different preferences that have been determined to be key concerns. These include areas such as:

  • Cleanliness
  • Personal needs
  • Social environments
  • Likes, dislikes and pet peeves

Ideal Customer Profile
The matching process begins after we determine the wants and needs of the person with disabilities. The potential Host Home provider receives an Ideal Consumer Profile in which they outline what meets their personality, preferences and lifestyle. Once the paperwork is received, the placement team will complete a home study.

When selecting a family, we consider ethnicity, religion, marital status, children in the home, employment status, financial stability, compatible personalities and openness to ongoing contact with family.

We will contact the Host Home provider after a match has been made. Our placement team will set up opportunities for both parties to meet and get to know a little bit about each other. The placement team will discuss the compatibility of both parties after this meeting and then determine if there is a match.

Support, Inc. Services

Residential Services

Wherever home may be, it should nourish the mind and body and provide a peaceful place to thrive.

Day Services

To reveal your potential, you have to be given opportunity. Every day.

Clinical Services

Truly knowing a person comes from developing the foundation for understanding their needs.

"The case managers that have been assigned to us are attentive and answer our questions in a timely manner. I love that there are resources on staff, such as a nurse, social security benefits help, and other professionals to answer questions and help at any time."
Heidi Kramm
Host Home Provider