Host Home Providers

The difference you can make is immeasurable.   

As a Home Host Provider, you’ll have the opportunity to change lives – those around you and your own. It’s a demanding, but infinitely rewarding experience, and your patience and encouragement will have a profound effect in helping someone achieve their goals. 

Every situation is different, yet all Home Host Providers act as thoughtful advocates for an individual in their care. Depending on the level of attention required, some Home Host Providers work full- or part-time, while the person in their care is attending a day program. Others may devote their full attention to the individual in their home.

If you’re considering becoming a Home Host Provider, the following qualities are in high demand:

  • Wheelchair accessible homes
  • Single providers
  • Excellent skills and/or training for those with behavioral or medical needs (i.e. CNAs, LPNs, RNs, BCBA, Mental Health Counselor, etc.)
Support Inc Residential Services

The Support, Inc. Difference

As a small business, we value relationships and we value community. Thus, we coordinate regular social gatherings for our host home providers, clients and families to provide the opportunity to get to know one another, and establish partnerships, mentorships and friendships.

Full Support

We understand this is a difficult yet rewarding job, thus we will do everything we can to support you and your family. 

Work-Life Balance

We respect and honor you, your family and your personal life and will help you maintain a work-life balance by providing professional support and respite options.

Client Matching

We will do everything possible to ensure a good client match, based on your needs and desires.

Comprehensive Training

We provide a high level of support to you and your client which may include behavior coaching, medical training, computer training, monitoring and coordination.

Online Management Tool

You will use Therap, an online case management tool, allowing you to report and document in the comfort of your own home.

Industry Leaders

We are leaders in the field. Our management team averages 15 years of experience in the field of Developmental Disabilities.

Client Specialization

We specialize in supporting individuals with complex medical or behavioral issues. 60% of our clients are Tiers 3-6.

Large Network

Because we have a large network of Host Homes and clients, you have a better opportunity to receive clients. We have over 80 Host Homes all over Denver Metro and Northern Colorado, and over 120 clients. We work with 12 CCBs.  

30 Years in Service

We have been in business for 30 years; we continue to grow but our values and integrity remain the same. People first.