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Day Services Hosts a Valentine’s Day Party

Last week our Client Council planned a Valentine Day party on Monday- from the arts and crafts to the piñatas and heart hunt, everyone had a great time!

Miles Wilson, Day Program Supervisor, relayed that everyone came together a few days prior to begin making the piñatas. This was a fun and engaging indoor activity to participate in, to blow off some steam and exercise your arms! Staff members remained close by, to ensure the safety of those near the piñatas. Individuals had the choice of three piñatas, including one lower to the ground for those that use wheelchairs. Keeping accessibility in mind, Day Program staff ensured everyone had a fair shot with the piñatas.

For arts and crafts, Day Program participants decorated lunch bags. The Client Council agreed to this activity, so each person would have a bag to use when they collected paper hearts later in the afternoon. The lunch bags were easier to find than shoe boxes and quite fun to decorate! Glitter pens were a favorite as the bag-decorating kicked off! Participants were encouraged to use a wide variety of pens, markers and drawing utensils to decorate their bags however they saw fit. This opportunity to get creative led to many different, colorful results. This was a great activity to begin the morning with- by the afternoon, it was time for the heart hunt.

The heart hunt felt like an easter egg hunt but without the eggs. Day Service staff members cut up quite a few paper hearts and hid them throughout Day Program on the main level of the building. Miles reported that this was a highlight of the day- Staff members enjoyed helping individuals find the hearts as needed, while also respecting the autonomy participants to find the hearts on their own.

“We wanted this to be an equitable heart hunt, so there was help available when requested”- Miles

Once the heart hunt came to an end, everyone exchanged valentines they made that morning. The paper bags came in handy when each person collected their hearts and their valentines to take home. And last but not least, the Client Council planned on fruit smoothies as a nice and healthy treat for the afternoon. Day Program participants were welcome to add their own ingredients and staff members joined in the fun, as well.

The Client Council was proud to put on this event because it was fun and ran smoothly. From planning the morning activities to ensuring everyone had a fair chance with the piñatas and the heart hunt, the Valentine Party concluded as a great success! This isn’t the first event our Client Council has planned and certainly won’t be the last! Stay tuned for Olympic Day coming soon in March! Details and RSVP information to be shared on our Facebook page.

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Ebony McGee Joins Support, Inc.

Please join us in welcoming Ebony Mcgee to Support, Inc! Ebony is our newest RPC and will be joining the Denver Metro 3 team. A little about Ebony in her own words:

Hello, my name is Ebony McGee. I’m the newest Residential Program Coordinator. I am a Colorado native (not many of us left). I have a degree in Social Work and Human Services. I will be going back to school to obtain my Master’s in Social Work later this year. Prior to joining Support Inc., I worked as a case manager at a homeless shelter providing resources – everything from housing to where to get a coat. I am excited join the Support, Inc team. I‘ve had plenty of jobs where I felt like we weren’t helping the clients we served where they were at, and I feel like Support, Inc does just that. In my free time I enjoy reading and visiting abandoned towns in Colorado.