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Host Home Provider of the Month

We’d like to acknowledge and congratulate our March Host Home Provider of the Month- Lubna Yazdani! Sometimes the relationship between a provider and the person they are caring for is just what each one unknowingly needed. Lubna Yazdani became Roby’s Host Home Provider during a very painful time in Roby’s life. Lubna has worked diligently, learning Therap and caring patiently for Roby through some very difficult adjustments. It was a rough couple of months, but Lubna’s loving kindness has fostered a closeness and healing for Roby. They take frequent outings to the park to feed the ducks in the sunshine and go to restaurants and try new food. Roby is happy and is once again full of smiles. Lubna loves spending time with Roby and is getting more exercise than she has in years! They are wonderful companions to each other, and we’re so happy we get to be a part of it. Congratulations, Lubna, on being named the March Host Home Provider of the Month!! Thank you for all that you do.

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Excelling with Care and Compliance

Read the story below submitted by a Residential Coordinator at Support Inc. We like to highlight excellence as it relates to care and compliance and this story is perfect.

“My client B.B was chosen for a mock state audit last month. The timing was a bit tricky with the primary Host Home Provider (HHP), Canab, leaving the country a few days before the client was chosen and the co-provider, Mohammed, being onboarded two weeks prior to the primary HHP leaving. Mohammed knew B.B well but was still new to the compliance process. Mohammed was very open to the audit and was excited to work towards a good score. Mohammed assisted me every day with getting documents, making many calls, and ensuring that everything was buttoned up. Our audit score ended up being 99% because of one missing psych document. Mohammed called every day and left voicemails to get this document. Not only during this time did Mohammed focus on the audit, but he also ensured Brandon got into the community daily to do his favorite activities. In between their many mall trips (which is B.B’s favorite activity), Mohammed would stop by dentist, vision, and doctors to get paperwork that was missing. Though we did not get 100%, Mohammed gave 110%. It was such a pleasure to have this case chosen because it was able to show how great of a provider Mohammed was and see how dedicated he was to B.B and getting their case perfect.”


Persevering and Gaining Independence

A desire for more independence is a common goal for IDD individuals. While we try to honor this as best we can, it takes perseverance and grit on the part of the individual to make the goal of independence a reality. Jessica Anderson has been receiving IDD services for 22 years, and she decided she wanted to live in an apartment by the time she turned 40. She found a complex she liked, made all the arrangements to view the apartment, and we began the complex process of transitioning her from her host home setting to her first apartment. Through many ups and downs and some tears, she moved into her new home one week after her birthday. She is having so much fun decorating and furnishing her place, and her confidence is soaring. It was a tough journey, but Jessica never gave up. The resilience of the people we serve is a consistent reminder of why we do this job, because we are dedicated to helping people. Congratulations, Jessica on this major accomplishment and thank you to everyone at Support Inc. who assisted along the way!!!



Nursing Department News & Updates

The nursing department recently conducted a webinar that outlined nursing services through Support Inc. To watch the webinar, and learn more about our innovative, outstanding nursing services, please watch the video below.

Nurse Team Webinar (youtube.com)

The Support Inc. nursing team has also gone through recent staff changes. check out the department below:

Morgan Struck (RN)- Associate Director of Nursing

Erin Gordan (RN)- Nurse Case Manager

Lauren Reed (RN)- Nurse Case Manager

Jamie Weidman- Medical Coordinator

Nicole Jordan- Medical Coordinator

QA COrner

QA Department News & Updates

Changes to the individual service & support plan (ISSP):

If you’ve joined our provider town hall meetings you’ve heard about the many changes happening in the IDD system in Colorado. With all these changes, our regulations also needed to be updated. While there are many changes to our regulations, we want to take some time to talk about one major change to the individual services and support plan (ISSP) goals. Case Managers are no longer required to add ISSP goals to the service plan. Additionally, provider agencies are no longer required to develop and track formal ISSP goal programs. This has been a core function of the IDD system for many years and will take us some time to fully phase it out of our operating practices. We are still required to demonstrate that we are supporting people to achieve their goals. We will be doing the following over the next several months:

  1. We will work to discontinue current ISSP programs.
  2. We will stop checking ISSP requirements as part of our internal auditing beginning March 2024.
  3. By June 2024, we will solidify a plan to address how we demonstrate supports being provided to help people achieve their goals.
  4. We will remove the ISSP requirement across our internal tools over the next several months.

Navigating IHSS and PASA: A Guide for Colorado Caregivers


As a caregiver in Colorado, you play a crucial role in providing support and care to your loved ones with disabilities. Whether you’re caring for a child, an adult, or both, you may have heard about programs like IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services) and PASA (Program Approved Service Agencies). In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at these valuable resources and how they can help you in your caregiving journey. So, let’s dive in!

Understanding IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services)

IHSS is a state-administered program designed to provide assistance to individuals with disabilities, allowing them to remain in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. It’s a lifeline for caregivers and their loved ones, offering support in various aspects of daily life. Support, Inc. specifically works with those who qualify for the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver. We provide residential services to adults and their families over the age of 18.

  1. Eligibility for IHSS

To qualify for IHSS in Colorado, your loved one must meet certain eligibility criteria, including:

  • Having a disability or medical condition that requires assistance.
  • Residing in their own home or a family member’s home.
  • Demonstrating a need for in-home care services.
  1. Services Covered by IHSS

Once eligible, your loved one can access a range of services under IHSS, including:

  • Personal care services (bathing, dressing, grooming).
  • Homemaker services (meal preparation, light housekeeping).
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments.
  • Respite care for caregivers.
  • Assistance with mobility and transfers.
  1. How IHSS Benefits Caregivers

IHSS isn’t just about the care recipient; it also greatly benefits caregivers. By providing necessary support, IHSS:

  • Relieves caregivers of some caregiving responsibilities.
  • Allows caregivers to maintain employment or pursue education.
  • Reduces the financial burden associated with caregiving.
  • Enhances the overall quality of life for both the caregiver and care recipient.

Understanding PASA (Program Approved Service Agencies)

PASA is another valuable resource for caregivers in Colorado, offering a wide range of support services for individuals with disabilities. These services are aimed at improving the quality of life for both caregivers and care recipients.

  1. Services Offered by PASA

PASA agencies provide a variety of services, including:

  • In-home care and support.
  • Assistance with daily living activities.
  • Community integration and recreational activities.
  • Transportation services.
  • Behavior therapy and counseling.
  • Respite care for caregivers.
  1. Choosing the Right PASA Agency

When selecting a PASA agency for your loved one, it’s essential to consider:

  • The specific needs of the care recipient.
  • The agency’s reputation and track record.
  • Compatibility with your caregiving schedule.
  • Availability of trained and compassionate staff.

Combining IHSS and PASA: A Comprehensive Approach

Many caregivers in Colorado find that combining IHSS and PASA services offers a well-rounded approach to caregiving. By utilizing both resources, you can create a customized care plan that addresses your loved one’s unique needs and your own.

  1. How IHSS and PASA Work Together

IHSS and PASA can complement each other in various ways:

  • IHSS can provide basic personal care and homemaker services.
  • PASA can offer specialized services, therapy, and recreational activities.
  • Together, they provide a holistic support system.
  1. Planning and Coordination

As a caregiver, you’ll need to coordinate the services offered by IHSS and PASA. Here are some tips:

  • Communicate openly with both service providers.
  • Share your loved one’s goals and preferences.
  • Develop a comprehensive care plan that integrates both services.

Navigating the Application Process

Getting started with IHSS and PASA may seem daunting, but Colorado offers resources to help you through the process:

  1. Contact Your Local County Department

Reach out to your local county department or human services office to initiate the application process for IHSS. They can provide guidance on eligibility criteria and the application procedure.

  1. Research PASA Agencies

Explore the different PASA agencies in your area. Conduct interviews, ask for references, and make an informed decision based on your loved one’s needs.

  1. Seek Support

Don’t hesitate to seek support from caregiver support groups, online forums, or local advocacy organizations. These resources can offer valuable insights and emotional support.


As a caregiver in Colorado, you have access to a wealth of resources like IHSS and PASA to support your loved ones with disabilities. By understanding the eligibility criteria, services offered, and the potential for combining both programs, you can create a comprehensive caregiving plan that enhances the quality of life for both you and your care recipient. Remember, you’re not alone on this journey, and there are numerous organizations and support networks ready to assist you every step of the way. Caregiving is a rewarding endeavor, and with the right resources, it can be made more manageable and fulfilling for everyone involved.