Jeremy and Mikey Enjoy an Outdoor Outing

At Support, Inc. we enjoy our weekend outings; when the weather is warm and the air is clear, what better time to enjoy a trip to the lake?

Richard Shaw looked forward to his annual trip with Jeremy and Mikey recently. For the last 5 out of 7 years, the boys would rent a cabin together and take a trip on the lake with a pontoon boat. Although the trip was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, Rich reports the group had a blast recently getting back together for a late-summer adventure.

Carter Lake, located near Fort Collins, offers a secluded feeling without being too far from civilization. Rich rent a pontoon for 3 hours, so the three of them could fish off the ledge. When asked how Jeremey and Mikey know each other, Rich replied, “They live in separate host homes, but they’ve know each other from BACPAC. Mikey and Jeremey used to participate in horse-back riding together. This eventually transformed into a camping event. They’ve known each other for over 10 years through various activities at Support, Inc.”

When the boys aren’t hanging out at the cabin or fishing on the lake, they’re shopping in downtown Estes Park. Jeremey and Mikey enjoy spending money in the downtown area, walking around and checking out the shops. Going out to eat is also a welcomed reprieve from the midday heat. From fishing and shopping to the overall sense of comradery, it’s the connections in this group that make the weekend trek well worth the trip.  

Rich relays how excited Jeremey and Mikey were to catch up-this marked their first face-to-face interaction in over two years. In the midst of this pandemic, we fully support maintaining safe connections and increasing supports for people with IDD. The friendship Mikey and Jeremey have developed over the last 10 years is something we hope all of our People Receiving Services (PRS) can achieve through the events that we host at Support, Inc.

We thank Rich for taking the time to make these trips happen, and we also thank our Host Home Providers (HHPs) for preparing Mikey and Jeremey as the weekend approached. It takes planning and dedication to gather supplies, medications and fishing gear for these weekend excursions; with the help of Linda Johnston and Jim Pendleton over the last 10 years, Rich has been able to provide valuable  and meaningful life experiences to many folks in the IDD community, including Mikey and Jeremy. 

We greatly appreciate the help of our staff and providers that ensure our individuals have a fun and safe weekend. Although Rich attributes most of the work to the HHPs, we wouldn’t have a successful BACPAC program without Rich and our wonderful staff!

For similar events, keep an eye out for BACPAC opportunities. We continue to closely monitor COVID-19 updates at the federal and local levels. As such, health and safety remain the top priority. When Support, Inc. is able to plan additional trips, we will most certainly share details and information on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/supportinc1989


Jesse’s Successful Placement

At Support, Inc. we give a lot of thought to the matches we make, to ensure the health and safety and fulfillment of the people we serve. When Jesse came to us for services, we knew he was looking for a long-term placement, one that’s stable and feels like home. The Intake Team had an idea for the perfect match, and the rest is history! Today, we share a success story that we’re proud to reflect upon. From introductions to placement, Jesse’s story remains a favorite.

Herry and Val (Support, Inc. Host Home Providers) started getting to know Jesse in October of 2019. The Intake Team and providers wanted to respect Jesse and his family’s desire of taking the process slow. We began with short meetings initially and gradually increased the time to overnight visits. Val relayed they practiced several weekend visits before Jesse agreed to move-in. “It was a slow process at first, but we enjoyed getting to know Jesse without the rush or pressure of needing to move right away”, Val relayed. The slow pace was welcomed by all parties involved, to ensure Jesse would be happy in his new home. By the time Jesse moved in with Herry and Val, it was late March 2020, and the pandemic had just begun.

Jesse, Val and Herry were still getting to know each other during quite a tumultuous time. But despite the circumstances, Jesse and Val report that things ran smoothly. Jesse’s mother, Nancy, agrees that the match happened just in time for the couple to shelter in place with Jesse and another individual in the home.

For the last year and a half, Jesse has eased into his new home without a hitch, and we couldn’t be more proud of him for taking this step. When asked about their favorite memories over the last year, Jesse relays he enjoyed the Christmas lights. Val discussed how Christmas in Color, located in Morrison, was such a nice reprieve from the pandemic. Jesse reports that the Christmas lights were really special. “The lights allowed us to step away from COVID”, Val relayed. Christmas was quiet for their family last year, and so the lights were something safe to look forward to from the comfort of their vehicle.

Jesse has also taken the time to work with a writing coach, to hone in on his writing skills. His first assignment was a letter to Herry/Val. In this, Jesse describes his positive experiences since moving in with the providers. The timing couldn’t be better, as this letter was delivered around the time of their one-year anniversary living together.

In the letter, Jesse relayed

Based on our first meeting, the way you treated me and answered my questions, I felt like all these things could work out well. After we had met and talked awhile, for the first time I felt real hope that there could be people I would enjoy living with.

More recently, Herry, Val and her family (who also happen to be providers) took Jesse on a hike in Dillon. Sapphire Point offers beautiful views, but the steep climb was difficult, at times, to manage. Jesse uses a specialized wheelchair and even though it’s manual, the rocky and gravely trail made for a fun and challenging experience for the providers. But Val relays she didn’t mind at all.  “The trail was only one mile long, and it was worth it to see Jesse’s reaction at the top. We took it nice and easy and made sure he was safe and having fun”.

When asked, “What are your favorite things about Jesse?”, Val relays how much she’s enjoyed learning more about him. “His reactions, the way he talks. His sense of humor. How he inserts himself into conversations. Sometimes when I’m having a hard day at work, he listens and feels like a brother to me. He’s lived an incredible life and it’s very been nice having another member of the family. His parents are amazing, and we all get along so well.

Now that things are slowly beginning to re-open, Herry and Val are planning a trip soon-to either Vegas or San Diego or both. Jesse looks forward to future plans with his providers and we look forward to hearing of their adventures!

To conclude, Jesse has found a wonderful, long-term placement with Herry and Val. Both parties agree that the match feels like family, and Jesse reports feeling happy in his new home. We thank Herry and Val for not only welcoming Jesse into their home, but truly integrating Jesse into their family and plans, such as weekend hikes and traveling across the country.

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a provider, let’s chat! Please email our Intake department at placements@supportinc.com


COVID-19 Communication

August 16, 2021

To all Support, Inc. Staff, Providers and Families:

We continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19, including the Delta variant, in our communities. We have updated our operating protocol to require all employees, providers, and participants to wear a mask or face covering. Please continue reading for more information.

In this communication we will cover the following:

  1. COVID-19 Delta variant, what we know
  2. Support, Inc.’s COVID-19 Operating Protocol Updated 8/16/21

COVID-19 Delta variant, what we know

The Delta variant is the predominate strain of the COVID-19 virus circulating in the United States. This prompted the CDC to give updated recommendations regarding mask wearing for all people, regardless of vaccination status, in areas where there is substantial to high transmission rates.  The CDC was prompted to make these changes as the United States 7-day moving average went from 12,000 reported cases in late June to 60,000 reported cases the week of July 27th. Additionally, new data began to come out showing the Delta variant is more infectious which leads to increased transmissibility even among those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Delta variant is spreading faster and more easily between people than the variants we have seen thus far throughout the pandemic.  This variant is nearly twice as contagious as previous variants of COVID-19. Early data suggests the Delta variant causes more severe illness than other variants of COVID-19 in those who are unvaccinated.  As we have discussed in previous communications, most vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States, are not 100% effective. This means even a fully vaccinated person can contract COVID-19, including the Delta variant, these are called break through infections. However, evidence continues to show the COVID-19 vaccine to be highly effective, , in preventing severe disease and death from COVID-19 including the Delta variant. Breakthrough cases in fully vaccinated people happen much less frequently than infections in unvaccinated people. Unvaccinated people are far more likely to contract and spread COVID-19 including the Delta variant. Fully vaccinated people are likely less infectious for less time than unvaccinated people.

Previous variants of COVID-19 produced less virus (or a lower viral load) in the body of infected people who have been fully vaccinated. In contrast the Delta variant seems to produce the same high amount of virus in both unvaccinated and fully vaccinated people. However, the viral load produced by Delta breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people also goes down much faster than infections in unvaccinated people. Individuals infected with the Delta variant including fully vaccinated people with symptoms can transmit to others. The CDC is working to assess if fully vaccinated people who are asymptomatic are able to transmit the Delta variant to others. The greatest risk of transmission is among unvaccinated people who are much more likely to contract COVID-19 including the Delta variant and therefore are more likely to transmit the virus as well as experience severe illness and hospitalization.

The COVID-19 vaccine continues to provide the strongest protection against serious illness and death. Vaccines have played a crucial role in limiting the spread of COVID-19 and minimizing severe disease and strain on hospital systems. Low vaccination rates in some communities have caused rapid surges in cases associated with the Delta variant. This also increases the chances that new and even more concerning variants could emerge.

If you haven’t received the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s not too late to do so. There are many opportunities across the state to get the COVID-19 vaccine. If you need assistance finding or scheduling your COVID-19 vaccine, please reach out to your supervisor or residential program coordinator to help.

Support, Inc.’s COVID-19 Operating Protocol Updated 8/16/21

Beginning Monday August 16th our updated COVID-19 operating protocol goes into effect. Masks or face coverings are required by all employee’s, contractors, and individuals in our office, during in-person visits and during day services. Administrative office staff will continue to work from home when possible. We will continue to do symptom screening prior to service delivery or in-person contact.

This update will allow us to continue to operate and provide our essential services including day program, in-person home visits and pother in-person contacts while ensuring the health and safety of our employees, individuals served and providers.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or your supervisor. We will continue to provide updates through email, our website and our Facebook page.

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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our recent Host Home Provider of the Month, Jose and Patricia Lugo!

The following write-up was produced by the Colorado Springs Team: Since becoming a part of the Colorado Springs Team, Jose and Patricia Lugo have shown time and time again that they are seasoned and well experienced providers. They provide amazing, tailored care to each person in their home. Support, Inc. placed a person in their home in late February of this year. Although it may be short lived, this is the longest and most stable placement this person has had since coming into Support Inc’s services. Patricia and Jose both are comfortable with supporting someone with behavioral challenges, and it shows.

Patricia and Jose have been HHP’s in Colorado Springs for years and working with agencies here to provide Respite to others in services when needed. The Colorado Springs office at Support, Inc. cannot speak highly enough of them and the stellar care they give to the folks receiving services in their home. Patricia also has been working hard on ensuring the team communicates and works together to help solve issues that may arise with any clients in her home.

Overall, they are an awesome team, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the placement and the hard work the show on a daily basis. Please help me in congratulating Jose and Patricia Lugo on Host Home Provider of the Month!