Provider Town Hall Information

Great seeing many of you on the virtual Provider Town Hall yesterday, June 27th! If you missed it, you can view the recording by clicking here. You’ll need to enter this passcode to view the video: 2.5Y=&e

Below is a link to our STAR (Special Thanks and Recognition) Award presentation from this month. Congrats to the HHP recipients! The last page of this presentation has details on how to submit a STAR Award. We love seeing all the recognition! Click here to view the STAR Awards.

The next HHP Townhall will be scheduled in August – hope to see you there.

Thanks for all you do!


June Host Home Provider of the Month

We want to recognize and congratulate our June Host Home Provider of the Month- David Sakul! David was nominated by his Residential Coordinators, Rich and Anna. David has been a provider with Support Inc. for many years and does a great job working with the individuals in his home and completing compliance items. Even though David is a very experienced Provider, he continues his effort in getting better by joining the Town Hall meetings or other opportunities the agency provides to learn new things and keep up to date with the requirements asked of HHP’s. David does a wonderful job in getting the individuals in his home out into the community and supporting them in the things they like to do. They have been on several trips to different areas in the state and out of state, and even went on an Ocean Cruise last year. It was the trip of a lifetime for the individuals in services. We appreciate how he sends us pictures of the things his guys get to do when traveling. David has always been very pleasant to work with and is an excellent team player. He consistently communicates the needs of his individuals and supports them with whatever they need. He strives to keep the individuals in his home active and involved in community activities. It is always wonderful to see the fun activities and travels that he takes the guys on. Thank you, David, for being an important part of the Support Inc team and for caring so much about the individuals you work with. We appreciate everything you and your family do. Congratulations on being the June Host Home Provider of the Month!

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Operations Team News

The Operations or “Ops” Team consists of our six Associate Directors (ADs) of Residential Services, the AD of Day Services, the AD of Nursing and me, Director of Residential Services.

The most recent change within our team is the addition of Interim AD (former Senior Residential Program Coordinator) Paulyn Matibag on the Denver Metro 3 (DM3) Team. Paulyn will be covering for DM3 AD Samantha Cordova while she is on leave. We expect Samantha back in October.

As we enter summer, we wanted to share with you some of the things we’re focusing on as a team over the next few months.

The first half of the year we rolled out some big changes including health tracking and the appointment module including the use of Scomms. It was a lot! Not to say you won’t see any changes this quarter, but we are intentionally holding off on large-scale projects so we can all collectively catch our breath. We will take this time to hone our processes related to quarters 1 & 2 changes and recommit to providing quality services that are above reproach to all our stakeholders.

Whether it’s travel, pool-time, or a staycation – I hope you all find some time to relax and recharge this summer.

Erik Nielsen, Director of Residential Services

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Support Inc. Staff Honored

We want to recognize and congratulate Support Inc. Residential Coordinator, Richard Shaw, and Host Home Providers, Diana and Kenny Wijaya, for their amazing work. They were recently honored by Kirk of Bonnie Brae UCC.

From: Vicki Wright and Ann Karlberg, Guardian designees for Kirk of Bonnie Brae UCC.

For the past 38 years, the Kirk of Bonnie Brae UCC has served as the legal guardian for Dean McEahern who receives Support Inc. services. The mission of the church was initiated by a passionate member of our congregation, Carol Rickus, who was called to be God’s servant to the developmentally disabled. Through her activism, Carol inspired the Kirk to become the legal guardian for Dean, who at the time, was only 19 years old, without a family to advocate for him and dependent on the system for his every need.

Ann- Fortunately, Dean began receiving services through Support, Inc., an agency that provides comprehensive community-based services including residential care, a day program and clinical services. His residential program coordinator, Richard Shaw, has worked with Dean for 18 years. Richard’s consistent and dedicated oversight of Dean’s services has provided Dean with the stability he has needed to really thrive. In addition to the excellent residential care Dean receives, his life is enriched through the experiences and opportunities available to him through Support, Inc.’s fine day program. Richard has been instrumental in making sure Dean has received all the resources needed to ensure the best quality of life. We are so grateful to Richard for his devoted service.

Vicki- To tell you a little bit about Diana and Kenny, some of the most compassionate Host Home Providers/caregivers we have come across in all our many years in social work. They are Indonesian by birth and came to the US in the early 2000s when Indonesia was ridding itself of Christians and other non-Muslims. As refugees, they were dependent upon Indonesian friends who came before them. They came to Florida, Virginia, then Denver, where they were told economic conditions were better. Their network in Denver suggested that Diana apply to be a host home provider, as she was new to the community and pregnant at the time. So here they are, 20 years down the road, with 3 disabled adults living in their home, and Dean has been with them for 15 years. They puree his food, feed him, thicken his water so he can drink, help him drink, even had adjustments made to their shower so they can keep him clean more easily. And I think this is Kenny’s favorite part—they take him on vacation and to local events such as Red Rocks.

The Kirk is proud of its guardianship ministry, but we couldn’t do it without the partnership of Support, Inc. and the devoted service of Richard Shaw and Diana and Kenny Wijaya. Their committed efforts have been crucial to Dean’s well-being and very much a part of this ministry. On May 21st, all three were honored for their work with a certificate of appreciation from the congregation. Congratulations Richard, Diana and Kenny!!


QA COrner

Quality Assurance News & Updates

Coming July 2023: New Relias Training Plans.

At the end of 2022 we began an organization wide training project. This project included cleaning up our Relias (our E Training platform) system, reorganizing Relias hierarchies, developing a backend connection between Relias and ADP (our payroll and HR management system) and redesigning our training plans. We have reorganized our Relias hierarchies to assure each employee and contractor was attached to a supervisor. The Human Resources (HR) team is in the process of changing all employees and contractor’s usernames to align with ADP ID numbers. If you have not yet received your new Relias login name, please contact your supervisor. The HR team is also making the final backend connections to integrate ADP and Relias. The final piece of this will be rolling out the new training plans. We have developed new training plans based on job title in an effort to ensure new employees and contractors joining the organization receive training relevant to the work they do. We also streamlined annual training requirements for all positions. The new training plans will be rolled out in July 2023. Watch for emails from the Quality Assurance (QA) team with an official go-live date and a comparison of the changes based on your job title. If you have any questions please reach out to your supervisor, the HR team or the QA team.


Caregiver Support Group

Please join us for our monthly caregiver support group. Family Caregivers, Host Home Providers and individuals in services are all welcome. This will occur virtually on zoom, June 21st, at 11am. For more information, please contact Brian at brian.slusarz@supportinc.com


Recent News

Congratulations Roy!

We want to highlight and congratulate Roy on his recent accomplishment! Roy made the decision to leave a day program that he had been with for many years to pursue more job/volunteer involvement opportunities and community engagement. After starting his new day program, he quickly got nominated and received the Rookie Award for his hard work and dedication with his job development groups. Keep up the great work, Roy! Roy participates in Support Inc. host home program and his Host Home Provider, Kathy, has been instrumental in his success.



Testimonial Webinar- June 20

Please join us for our Testimonials Webinar on June 20th, 11am. This will occur virtually on Zoom. The virtual webinar will focus on testimonials from FCGs, HHPs and individuals receiving our services. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about our services and people’s experiences working with Support Inc. Two FCGs, one HHP, and an apartment individual will join us on the panel of experts. The meeting will start with a short presentation and conclude with open discussion and dialogue. We will also answer any questions that you may have. Zoom link for the webinar can be found below.



Softball Field of Dreams

A great opportunity for IDD individuals to play softball! This event is hosted by the Beautiful Lives Project which helps people with disabilities to live their dreams through sports and other programs across the country. On Wednesday June 28, 10am-12pm, in Aurora, CO, they are hosting an event where 60 adults and children with any disability can play on the field with AAU softball players as a part of a summer tournament put on by Triple Crown Sports. The individuals with disabilities will have the opportunity to learn softball skills from high school softball players from across the country and to create friendships that will last a lifetime. Follow the link below for more information and to register.

Field of Dreams Softball with Triple Crown Sports — Beautiful Lives Project