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Host Home Provider of the Month: Tenzing Lama

Please join us in congratulating our recent Host Home Provider of the Month, Tenzing Lama!

The following write-up was produced by RPC Katelyn Bruce on the Denver Metro 2 Team:

I first met Tenzing Lama when I was searching for a home for a client that was hard to place given her supervision requirements and financial struggles. Since moving in, Lama has done amazing with this client, including making her comfortable, encouraging her time with her daughter, and doing his best to get her financial issues taken care of. I was super new to this client but I hadn’t seen her happier than she is when I visit her at Lama’s home, which is why I’m nominating Tenzing Lama as HHP of the month. He is grateful and accommodating and always offers me the best green tea in the world when I come out to the home.

Thank you, Lama, for everything you’ve done and continue to do. (You guys, he also has two super tiny cute dogs that are a JOY to be around…. Hi Tommy!!!)


Provider Pay Day For May: Important Information and Updates

We know that routines like Host Home Provider pay day can be confusing with all of the current shutdowns. In an effort to honor the government requests for social distancing as well as our client’s fragile health, we will be mailing Host Home checks this month. Repeat, we are not handing checks out to any HHP, nor will anyone be able to pick them up at any office. HHP checks will be placed in the mail on Friday, April 24th. The intent is that Host Homes will receive the checks on or before May 1st. Providers may cash the checks as early as April 30th but remember the bank will reject any checks presented before April 30th.

We are aware that some HHP paychecks may be incorrect due to early check printing. We want to assure you that we will issue (and mail) corrections immediately when notified for any under payments and that we will reduce next month’s payments for any over payments.

We also want to let you know that we are mailing client personal needs funds (both cash and checks) along with bus passes too.

One final reminder, we are not sending bus passes this month because we mailed the passes to providers with the last pay day.  We do not intend to send bus passes until the Access-A-Ride services are up and running for a full month.

We will be available if you have any questions. And thank you for bearing with us while we navigate new routines and solutions together.


Temporary change to submitting receipts

Good afternoon,

In an effort to follow stay at home orders, limit travel and reduce the spread of illness we have temporarily changed our process for submitting receipts for reimbursement for client expenses and additional client fund check requests. At this time, we ask you not drop receipts off at the office. We have limited staff in the building and additional precautions in place for visitors to our offices. Please review the information and procedure below and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We hope this process will make submitting requests easier and more streamlined for everyone.

1. Reimbursement for client expenses:

If you have purchased items that require client reimbursement, please submit the receipts with one of the following methods.

Reimbursement checks will be cut and mailed to you on Tuesdays by our finance team.

a. Mail all receipts including a note with your full name and the client’s full name to our Aurora office 15591 E. Centretech parkway Aurora, CO 80011 attention Lily.

b. Scan/ take pictures of all receipts (ensure you capture the full receipt image) and email them to lily.kirkman@supportinc.com and include in the email the full name of the client the purchase was for.

2. Client checks:

a. PNF (personal needs fund) checks will be mailed to the provider with their monthly check.

b. Additional client fund checks please call or email the RPC or Lily to request additional checks for clients. These checks will be cut and mailed on Thursdays.


DSP Home Visits

We continue to exercise caution when deploying DSPs to community settings, and by this point, many sessions are being enjoyed in client homes.

The 4 goals we have for these sessions (aside from person-specific goals) include the following:
1. Mitigating Boredom
2. Getting Enough Physical Activity
3. Maintaining Social Connections
4. Meeting Physical/Tangible Needs

With this, we have our guidelines for DSP visits. For further questions, please contact Meghan at Meghan.steineker@supportinc.com


LIFE Club Events This Week!

Join us for some upcoming virtual events! Please contact the clinicians below to participate in any and all of the groups. They will provide additional information and instructions.

Tuesday, April 14

LIFE Club:  Finding Your Inner Betty Crocker

When:  Tuesday, April 14 from 5:00pm-6:30pm

What: Join us for an evening of friendship, discussion, and learning! These interactive groups will focus on developing skills and confidence for social situations in a way that is fun and informative! LIFE Club is open to all. This week we will be making our favorite snacks! This is a great opportunity work on social skills while having fun in the kitchen. We will provide a recipe with common ingredients! Please contact gwen.bonilla@supportinc.com for more information!

Instructions:  In order to participate, please contact gwen.bonilla@supportinc.com by Tuesday, April 14 at 4:30pm. A link will be sent via email. Please follow the link at 5:00pm to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Wednesday, April 15

Moving and Grooving

When:  Wednesday, April 15 from 12:00pm-1:00pm

What:  We will join together to discuss life’s stressors while improving the physical health of our bodies to create a healthy lifestyle by learning helpful social and exercise habits. Thisgroupwill incorporate a different movement activity every session. We will focus on stretching, mindfulness and inner and outer strength. This is a great opportunity to be active during a virtual time. Adaptable for all abilities!

Instructions:  In order to participate, please contact ashley.treiber@supportinc.com by Wednesday, April 15 at 10:00am. A link will be sent via email. Please follow the link at 12:00pm to participate. Everyone is welcome!

Thursday, April 16

Touching Stories

When:  Thursday, April 16 from 11:00am-12:00pm

What: Touching Stories is a unique therapy model, specifically designed for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, that pairs the social and emotional learning of story with sensory integration activities in a way that is educational, engaging, and simply, a lot of fun! We have adapted our Touching Stories for at home use. Gwen will first lead participants in a scavenger hunt for the sensory items needed for the stories (all items are common items found in every home) and then will tell the sensory-based stories to the group.

Instructions:  In order to participate, please contact gwen.bonilla@supportinc.com by Thursday, April 16 at 10:00am. A link will be sent via email. Please follow the link at 11:00am to participate. Everyone is welcome!


Plain Language on COVID-19

With the recent barrage of information, this link remains important. Please click below for Plain Language information regarding COVID-19, available in 11 languages. This critical information explains how COVID-19 is contracted and how to stay healthy.

We applaud the Self Advocacy Resource and Technical Assistance Center for putting this resource together. Should you need further assistance talking with a loved one regarding COVID-19, please reach out to your team for additional support.


COVID-19 At Home Activities

Our employees at Support, Inc. have funneled a list of activities to engage in while we spend more time at home. We will update this list as more suggestions become available. For now, please review this information and feel free to share your ideas!

Arts and crafts:

Build things


Paint on a canvas

Paint Rocks

Sidewalk chalk art



Make jewelry

Sewing and crocheting

Make t-shirts


Dye Easter Eggs

Check Pinterest for more activities


Play board games and card games


Puzzle speed contests: each have your own puzzle and race to see who can finish first

Crossword Puzzles

Word Searches




Game night

Physical Activity:

Dance parties

Exercise online

Go for a hike/walk

Bike rides

Do yard work

Wash the car

Nature walks near your house to identify native flowers, birds or animal tracks


Read a new book—physical copy or audiobook

Watch Comedies and uplifting movies

Start a new tv series

Video games

Virtual museum tour online

National park tours online

Increase Independent Living Skills

Cook meals

Try online grocery shopping

Youtube cooking classes

Pack a picnic

Research careers

Use technology to maintain appointments such as medical appointments, therapies, etc.

Learn to use Zoom to maintain contact with loved ones

Rearrange/organize bedroom

Learn a new skill, such as sign language


Spa day (paint nails, facials, try new hair dos)

Scavenger Hunts

Themed Days—Example: Dinosaur Day. Wear Dinosaur clothing, Watch Dinosaur Movie, Research Dinosaurs, read about dinosaurs. Dinosaur shaped food.

Create a play/talent show

Blind taste test

Story time: draw pictures related to story or dress up as characters in the story

2019-coronavirus (1)

COVID-19 Agency Updates

March 26, 2020

To All Support, Inc. Staff, Families, and Providers:

By now you have heard that the entire state is now under a “stay at home” order as an additional measure to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 across the state.  This means that individuals are required to stay home, except when completing essential tasks.  To clarify, our operations are considered essential tasks and services, and we will continue to operate under the modified arrangement that we have for the last several weeks.  To summarize, this has included:

  • Most administrative staff are working remotely and limiting contact with others
  • Day and community oriented services being provided in significantly smaller groups or one on one both in the home and safely in the community, targeted towards individuals who need this critical service to ensure stability in the home and to support families and/or providers
  • Conducting operations via remote technology when possible, such as home visits, clinical sessions, administrative meetings, and check ins

We will continue these practices for the foreseeable future and constantly seek creativity in service delivery.  As always throughout this time, our aim is to operate fully to support everyone around the organization as best we can given the circumstances, using creative methods developed by our staff and precautionary practices outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Should you have difficulty navigating the community under this order when working with our individuals in care, or traveling to and from locations, a letter has been circulated that you can use to show that you are providing essential services.  If you have not received this via email, please contact Idania Ochoa, Human Resources Manager at idania.ochoa@supportinc.com or 303.340.0322 to get a copy.

I have been impressed with everyone’s commitment despite the challenges we all face.  I cannot express the gratitude I have for each of you during this time of need to support each other and the individuals in our care.


Bentley Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Important Links:

Link to State of Colorado Stay at Home Order

Link to COVID-19 Information by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Link to the Support, Inc. Website News Feed, Including our Facebook Page