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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating the Host Home Provider of the Month, Billie!!! The Denver-Colorado Springs Team is nominating Billie Allor for Host Home Provider of the Month for going above and beyond with person centered thinking for KB. KB has put several goals in place since living with Billie, and she helps him get the full scope of what needs to be done for him to achieve them. She will go in depth with planning to make sure KB understands the obstacles with his goals, and what they can do to challenge them head on. Every month, KB is always closer to reaching his goals than the month before. KB is growing more than ever, and we want to thank Billie for all that she has done to help him. We appreciate you! Congratulations, Billie!



Rachael Performs in a Spring Concert!

We want to celebrate Rachael’s latest achievement! Rachael recently performed in the Spring Concert with A Positive Note. A Positive Note or APN is a music making program designed for individuals with disabilities in Colorado Springs. At the concert, Rachael sang Colors of the Wind from the Disney movie Pocahontas. She also plays the piano both at APN and at home. Rachael has limited movement in one side of her body which includes one of her hands, but she doesn’t let that stop her from rocking out on the keyboard! Rachael has been playing the piano since she was a toddler, and she has been going to APN rehearsals every Saturday for 17 years. She says, playing the piano makes her feel really happy, very full of energy, and she never wants to stop. Rachael is a great example of moving past perceived boundaries of capability. Congratulations, Rachael! Thanks for being a role model to all of us.




Eric Works at Ball Arena!

We want to congratulate and highlight Eric’s work at Ball Arena! Eric has been receiving services from Support Inc. for 2 years and has enjoyed his time working with our agency. We want to take some time to spotlight Eric’s incredible employment accomplishment. Eric started working at Ball Arena in November 2022, and has excelled in his time working there. Eric oversees certain sections of the arena and assists people, so they are in the appropriate place, don’t go into sections they’re not supposed to, and don’t take alcohol past certain points in the stadium. Eric’s favorite part of the job is being able to socialize with people and interact with his local community. He also enjoys utilizing Access-A-Ride to independently get to and from his job. Eric also gets a front row seat to Nuggets and Avalanche games, plus concerts and shows! Although his job can be stressful at times, he loves the fun atmosphere that always exists within Ball Arena. The passion and dedication he has for his job is unmatched and an inspiration to us all. In his free time, Eric likes to watch movies, read, go for walks, go out to eat with his friends, and engage in photography. We look forward to watching Eric continue to grow and excel inside and outside his job at Ball Arena.



Pictures from Royal Gorge Train Ride

Check out pictures below from Support Inc.’s BACPAC program train ride through the Royal Gorge on May 18th! For more information about our BACPAC program, contact Rich at



Intake Department News

The Intake Team recently hosted a Customer Service presentation! We talked about our goals and values when serving individuals and families. We also covered customer service techniques and how to provide top quality services. For more information on this presentation, please contact the Intake Team at

In addition, we are searching for in-home respite providers! If you live anywhere along the Front Range and are open to providing respite in the family’s home, please email us at

Last but not least, we continue to recruit host homes with wheelchair accessibility in the following counties- Jefferson, Pueblo, Larimer, Boulder and Weld. We are also searching for providers with behavioral/mental health experience. We will pay a one-time $300 referral bonus to anyone that refers friends or family to us! (For placements that last 90 days or longer). Thanks again for letting us be YOUR Intake Team! We greatly appreciate working with you all and hope to connect soon.

QA COrner

Upcoming Therap MAR Module Changes

On May 14th, 2023, Therap will be planning to make all MARs older than one month read only. This will be a temporary adjustment while Therap works on the application behind the scenes. During this time, you’ll be able to view the old MARs, but no changes or edits can be made to a MAR created from March 2023 or older. April MARs can be edited, andthere will be no impact to the current and future MARs.

Tips and tricks to maintaining the person you support MAR:

1. Ensure you log medication administration on the MAR within the 1-hour window. This follows Support, Inc.’smedical administration policy and provides documentation that the person you support receives their medications as they are ordered.
2. After attending a medical appointment, please submit consultation forms and any order changes within 24-hours of the appointment. This ensures your MAR is always updated. During Therap’s update the nurse team has a narrow window to update MAR’s with order changes.
3. When you create the MAR for the new month, go line by line to verify the medications you have in the home match the MAR. Pay close attention to medication strength on the MAR vs what the pharmacy has provided you. For example, if the MAR says furosemide (Lasix) 20 mg tablet, take 1 tablet daily by mouth but the pharmacy has provided you with furosemide (Lasix) 10 MG tablets, take 2 tablets daily. If you identify any discrepancies, please contact your RPC immediately so the MAR can be corrected.
4. On the 1st day of each month, pull up your previous month’s MAR and double check you have signed off for all medications, treatments and logged all controlled drug counts. Sometimes we go back and realize Therap didn’t save our work so this is a great habit to adopt to double check the MAR is complete before the new month starts.

If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Residential Program Coordinator.

Recent News

Movie Night!

Support Inc. is partnering with Alliance, JFK Partners, The Sie/AJs Foundation, Global Down Syndrome Foundation, Mtn Valley (Glenwood Springs), and Laradon to host a move night of the Netflix original- Crip Camp!


Movie Night Details:

When: July 14th, at 4pm
Where: The Sie Film Center in Denver, CO
Additional Information: Capacity of 147 or 178 respectively. The documentary
licensing and discussion guide is free to the public, but RSVP needed. For more information, please contact