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Quality Assurance Updates

Support, Inc. utilizes continuous quality improvement as an ongoing effort to evaluate our services, systems, and processes to identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement.  One of the ways we employ continuous quality improvement is through regular auditing completed by the Quality Assurance Department. These audits allow us to review service delivery and quality of care to the waiver participants we serve. Recently we redesigned our file review tool to bring all Support, Inc. services and departments into quality auditing practices. We are calling our new tool the mock audit. The mock audit is designed to mimic a CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) licensing visit. CDPHE is required to survey every service agency in Colorado every 3 years.

Utilizing our own mock audit allows us to assess areas that need improvement while also identifying areas we are exceeding. The mock audit will also allow the Quality Assurance department time to prepare our internal teams and our providers for a CDPHE visit. As part of the mock audit the Quality Assurance Department, in conjunction with the Residential Program Coordinator will complete a site visit to the residential settings represented in the sample.

The site visit will cover a review of the key areas CDPHE assesses when they do their visits. This includes review of medications, review areas of health and safety of the participant, and ensuring the provider understands the support needs outlined in the service plan of the participant(s) they serve.

In addition, if the participant attends the Support, Inc. day program the Quality Assurance team will do a site visit. The day program site visit will review medications, areas of health and safety of the participant, compliance with regulation required inspections and ensuring the staff understand the support needs outlined in the service plan of the participant(s) they serve.  It is the mission of the Quality Assurance Department to engage all Support, Inc. employees and contractors in the planning and implementing of ongoing improvements while utilizing data to improve the quality of care for the individuals we serve. We look forward to starting mock audits in June; if you have any questions, please do to hesitate to reach out to Laura Viers at Laura.Viers@supportinc.com

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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent recipient for Host Home Provider of the Month! Kathy Scheer has been nominated by the Denver Metro 2 Team. Read ahead for the write-up on behalf of her coordinator, Paulyn-

I would like to nominate Kathy Scheer for June HHP of the Month. I have been working with Kathy since January of this year and she has been nothing short of amazing. Kathy takes care of two individuals in services with us at Support, Inc but refers to them as her “peeps”. You can tell they absolutely adore Kathy as Tina will always ask me at every visit, “so when is Kathy going to get her provider of the Month award?”

My favorite thing about Kathy is that she doesn’t expect anything from her peeps that she won’t do herself. Roy has been struggling with a stiff back and refuses to do the stretching exercises. But when Kathy offers to join him, he will give in from time to time and join.

Kathy listens and understands her peeps so well that she was able to help Tina achieve her goal of losing 100 pounds, to be able to stand and mobilize more on her own. One day Tina went to Day Program and came home telling Kathy, “I got myself a job” with a big smile on her face. This accomplishment was achieved with the immense help and support from her HHP that fueled Tina’s drive to want to help others as well. Tina is now involved in a work study program 4 days a week, doing different tasks, in hopes of getting a paying job to earn some money to play at Black Hawk and go shopping.

Thanks again, Kathy, for being a shining example of a wonderful Host Home Provider!

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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Medical Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Robyn Richardson as our newest Medical Coordinator!

My name is Robyn Richardson, and I am a native to this beautiful state of Colorado. I have spent most of my time since 2012 working in veterinary medicine. I did general practice, some ER service, in home hospice and end of life care, and spent some time working with a traveling board-certified veterinary surgeon. I got to assist in amputations, TPLO (knee) surgeries, cardiac surgeries, and A LOT of puppy fractures. After deciding that I wanted to quit the physical veterinary technician duties, I tried to stay in the field by working as support staff and receptionist positions. COVID directed my passion towards helping people instead of their pets which has led me here, to Support, Inc. I am very excited to be a part of this team and I am thrilled to dive into the world of human services.

In my spare time, I spend time together with my husband Skyler, our 6-year-old son Caden, our two cats and husky. We like to enjoy what this state has to offer and hike, camp, and explore the outdoors. Or you can find us watching movies together, volunteering with our local church, or spending time we family. We are expecting another little boy to our family in October 2022. I am excited to work with all of you! (I am the woman on the far left of the attached picture, the other is my lovely mom).

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Happy Birthday Leslie!

We have another birthday to celebrate this month- please join us in wishing Leslie a Very Happy Birthday! Leslie’s provider, Henry, relayed the following details to his team-

We celebrated her birthday a few days ago. After Nelke showered Leslie, we immediately decorated her room with birthday wishes. Here is Leslie with the surprise for her after the shower. For her special dinner, we arranged to have her dine at any of her favorite restaurants of her choice.

Unfortunately, she chose to dine in her room. She understood we could not crowd together due to COVID. I believe she was happy with the day. Here are some pictures of the surprise for her.

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Support, Inc. to Host Summer BBQ

The STAR Committee, on behalf of Support, Inc., will host a summer BBQ in July! Consumers and their families, employees, providers and vendors are more than welcome to attend. Please see the flyer below for more details. We look forward to providing food and playing games. We will also have a raffles with prizes! This event will be a great opportunity for everyone to come together, as we haven’t had a large agency event like this in over two and a half years.

To volunteer and/or RSVP, please contact Nick at Nicholas.Manning@supportinc.com by July 14th.

We will not be able to accommodate special diets such as pureed or thickened liquids at this event. Should the individual in your care require something specific, please make your own arrangements prior to the event.

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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Clinician

Please join us in welcoming our newest clinician, Claire Burke!

Hello everyone! My name is Claire Burke. I recently joined Support, Inc. as a new Clinician the first week of May. I am originally from Chicago but have moved around to other states such as Michigan, Tennessee, and now recently new to Colorado. I got my Bachelors degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University and my Masters in Social Work from University of South Florida. In these programs I held internships in both an outpatient clinical setting at Hope Network as well as a crisis care specialist through Centerstone Crisis. Through these opportunities I was able to learn and develop skills in advocacy and assisting others in reaching goals they have in the areas of behavioral and mental health.

I enjoy spending time with my dogs and try to be outside as much as possible. My family and friends are a huge part of my life and I use any free time I have to spend time with them. I am extremely excited to be a part of such a dedicated and supportive team!

Looking forward to working with you all 😊

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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Medical Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Hannah Ivey as our newest Medical Coordinator!

My name is Hannah Ivey. I’m from Austin, TX and moved and have only been in Colorado since May 17th. I received my bachelor’s degree in Clinical Exercise Science with a minor in Healthcare Administration and hope to utilize that degree to bridge the gap in healthcare services to many populations. I have previously worked in vet medicine, cardiac rehabilitation, and optometry which has given me insight into various medical fields and driven me towards community health.

I hope to become an avid hiker, camper, climber, and be involved in snow sports in Colorado, but my tolerance to the altitude is not the best just yet! I look forward to learning from everyone and feel very fortunate to have found a team so aligned with my own goals.