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Jeremy Cooks a Delicious Thanksgiving Meal!

Jeremy Boudreaux has a lot to be thankful for this year. He is living independently in his own apartment, landed a job on his own and is planning a big Thanksgiving feast to celebrate.

Jeremy has Support, Inc. in his corner cheering him on and giving him the support he needs to live life on his own terms. Jeremy is 28 years-old and has mild intellectual disabilities. For the last seven years, Jeremy has worked with Support, Inc. and their team of caregivers that provide him with the help and support he needs, when he needs it – from integrated health care services and life skills development to access to community-based social activities and more. His team knows him well. When Jeremy decided he wanted to live independently in his own apartment, his team helped him identify and set goals that would help him make his dream a reality. By meeting each goal, Jeremy was able to make a safe transition from living with Host Home Providers to residing in his own apartment. Support, Inc. helps Jeremy remain safe, healthy and independent.

Jeremie has been enjoying apartment life for the last year with his dog, Zeus and his bearded dragon, Alex. His sister lives within walking distance. He loves cooking and honored his mom’s memory this Thanksgiving by cooking from her recipes. His Thanksgiving menu includes spinach casserole, cornbread casserole, green bean casserole, pecan pie and, of course, turkey with garlic and butter.

On Thursday, Jeremy visited with family in the early afternoon and served up his delicious side-dishes. Jeremy reports having a great time with his nephew and sister, Erika. Jeremy made a turkey and decided to leave it at his apartment for leftovers. This is “Italian style” turkey turned out well, and Jeremy plans to share the leftovers with his sister.

This year, Jeremy is grateful for his independence, his apartment, his job, his friends, his team, his dog Zeus, and his bearded dragon Alex. And we’re grateful to support Jeremy as he continues to thrive in the community!

Jeremy wants to share his story and let other people in similar situations know that, with the help of organizations like Support, Inc., they can live independently, too.

About Support, Inc.

With more than 32 years of experience, the Support, Inc. team offers a wide range of residential, day and clinical services to clients across the front range of Colorado. Support, Inc. has a unique, whole-person approach that allows caregivers to develop a deep understanding of each individual’s needs. As a Program Approved Service Agency (PASA), Support, Inc. is Medicaid certified and its programs are approved by the State of Colorado. Support, Inc. is redefining the life experience for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and is a leading provider of community-based solutions for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

If you know someone on the DD Waiver in needs of residential supports, please contact us at intake@supportinc.com.

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Information Station: Residential Services

Greetings from the Operations Team!

As you are probably already aware, the state of Colorado approved 667 new waiver slots for people to receive services on the DD waiver, starting in July of 2021. In August, the Operations Team began the process of over-hiring and onboarding Residential Program Coordinators in preparation for that growth. In addition, we hired a new Associate Director for the Denver Metro region to fill a previous opening. Given the volume of new team members, we thought we’d sent their pictures and bios out, as many of you will be seeing them around town very soon! We are ecstatic that so many people in need of services are being given the opportunity to receive them and we are excited to add so many new faces to our Support, Inc. team to meet that call. Please give them a warm welcome!

Hello, everyone. I’m Jonathon Labissiere. I’ve been in Behavioral Health for four years. I came from Spectra Autism Centers, where I was a teacher and Residential Behavioral Technician for children ages 8-19. Before that, I was a supervisor at Devereux Behavioral Health for two years. 

Hello all. My name is Danielle Geiger and I have been with Support Inc. since April 2020. I was recently promoted from Direct Support Professional to Residential Program Coordinator here at Support Inc., Loveland. I have been working in the IDD field as a DSP for the past 7 years where I was able to take individuals out into the community, work on daily living skills, as well as offer individuals the tools and resources to assist them in having the best quality of life possible.

I was raised within the IDD community since birth. My grandmother made her home into Milligan Group Home before I was born and was able to give amazing quality of life care for over 40 years to individuals with severe medical needs. My mother is also a long-standing Host Home Provider for Support, Inc.

I attended college and graduated with my Bachelor’s of Science in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Psychology.  I am a Colorado native although I did move to Alaska but quickly came back to beautiful Colorado. Nothing compares to home! I enjoy spending time with my son, my mom, my niece, and nephew, my 2 cats and my dog. My passion is to assist individuals to be successful in their everyday lives as well as have the best quality of Life possible. I am so excited to be a part of the Loveland Residential Team! 

Hello everyone, my name is Malika Zekaria and I am joining Support Inc as one of the new Residential Program Coordinators. I was born and raised here in Colorado and my parents were and still are, host home providers. While I was in college, I got certified and began assisting my parents and really enjoyed it. Throughout college, I studied Public Health and my specific focus was on behavioral health. I look forward to continuing that passion here at Support, Inc. and gaining all the knowledge I can from all of you! In my free time, I enjoy reading poetry, trying new food, and drink a few too many iced chai lattes.

Hello Support, Inc. My name is Kylle Hodges. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of your team! I am excited to onboard as a Residential Program Coordinator. I have a B.A. Degree in Special Education from the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley. I have over 5 years experience with the Community Center Board (CCB) as a case manager and worked for the Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) with Student Achievement Services for Special Education in the Individual Learning Center directly supporting students’ learning activities and life skills for 5+ years. I have always enjoyed working with this population and look forward to more opportunities to engage and grow with the clients, family and team members alike.

On a personal note… I am married to my husband of over 20 years, and we have two children, now young men. I love being a mother, cooking, traveling and fine arts. I also love the Spring and Fall seasons, and Christmas is my favorite time of the year because of warm hearts, the snow, the gatherings around the tree and great food to share with family and friends!

Hi, my name is Morghan and I will be joining Support Inc. as a Residential Program Coordinator. I am originally from Reno, Nevada and moved to Colorado a little over a year ago. Prior to Support, I worked as a Juvenile Corrections officer for the state while finishing my BA in Psychology. I am super excited to be learning this role and learning from my fellow peers as this is not something I have experienced before! Outside of work, you can find me outdoors with a camera in my hand or spending time with my family!

Hello everyone. My name is Danyelle Grajeda and I am very excited to join the Support Inc. team as an Associate Director of Operations. I have a B.S. Degree in Psychology from Colorado State University. I worked at a Residential Treatment Facility, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, for almost 13 years before being offered the opportunity to join Support, Inc. I worked as a Direct Care Provider for about 6.5 years in different capacities, with kids and adolescents with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. I managed Residential programs, and I managed our Training department during my time with Devereux.

On a personal note, I enjoy hanging out with my niece and nephew and my little cousins any time I can, and I’m looking forward to getting a dog soon! I look forward to meeting everyone and working with you.

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Host Home Provider of the Month

The Denver Metro 1 Team would like to nominate Nancy Rogers-Fleming as Host Home Provider of the Month for her outstanding care and dedication to the people she serves. Nancy recently took on a new person in her home. As you can imagine, things can get complicated trying to coordinate care and schedules for three individuals. Nancy has taken this challenge head on, and despite some early setbacks has helped this person integrate into her home while never missing a beat with the other two in services. We are so thankful for Nancy’s hard work and diligence. She is truly a person helping people – and we don’t know what we would do without her. Thank you, Nancy! 

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Human Resources November Updates

Hi everyone!

We wanted to remind our readers to keep an eye out for Open Enrollment in December. More details will be coming soon!

Also, the Safety Committee is reaching out to bring you some interesting and helpful safety information! Each month you will receive an e-mail from the safety committee regarding different safety topics. If you have topics you think would be helpful to your Support Inc. team, or you would be interested in joining, feel free to connect with anyone on the safety committee!

November Safety Topic:

Safe Travel Tips!

Did you know that during a 6-day period around Thanksgiving, the number of long-distance trips increases in the U.S by 54%!?

And 91% of that is by vehicle!

If you are looking to travel this holiday season (particularly in winter weather), please keep in mind the below tips.

  1. Prepare your car: make sure routine maintenance is followed, tires have a safe tread level and fluid levels are correct.
  2. Plan ahead for any stops, layovers, or overnight stays. This not only helps with finding best prices but allows you to plan ahead for any location specific needs (appropriate clothing, gas stops, emergency services).
  3. Be alert when driving. Take breaks, share driving responsibilities, be cautious of tailgaters or aggressive drivers and finally, if you are tired, find a place to sleep!
  4. Keep a first aid kit and weather specific items in your car. Extra clothing, water, jumper cables, and tire chains are just a few of the items that can be easily kept as an emergency kit.                                https://www.almanac.com/content/winter-car-emergency-kit
  5. If you are traveling to an unfamiliar place: research your destination, make copies of important documents, don’t keep all your money in one place and keep family and friends updated.

There are many helpful articles out there for further tips so do your research and stay safe this holiday season!

Finally, last but not least here are a couple travel memes to enjoy-

In addition, the STAR Committee enjoyed a recent meeting in which we exchanged Halloween photos over Zoom. From dressed up employees to the individuals we serve, there was certainly no shortage of cuteness.