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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Host Home Providers of the Month!!

The Denver Metro 4 team would like to nominate Jared Bedard and Nicole Hooker for HHP of the month. Jared and Nicole have been no strangers to working with individuals with developmental disabilities, as both families have been working as HHP for numerous years. They are both amazing providers and partners who work so in sync with one another.

Jared and Nicole have been instrumental with providing supports to a person with high behavioral needs that we serve. When we first reached out to the Bedard/Hooker family asking to take a PRS who going through a very difficult time, they without hesitation agreed to help support him and a home. They also have two other PRS in home who without a doubt are so cared for and are family to them.

Overall, the Bedard/Hooker family are one in a million. The love they share for their PRS and their family is admiring. Without a doubt, they always make sure to get to the root problem and don’t just choose an “easy out”. Their person-centered approach has proven to be successful time and time again, meeting their individual’s unique and challenging needs. Throughout these last few years, this family has shown what amazing support they are. We are all so thankful for the amazing work that they provide!!

Self-Care Tips from the Nurse Team

This month we would like to take a moment to focus on self-care. We are “people helping people.” Self-care is utmost essential to do our jobs to best of our ability and take care of the people we serve.  You may be wondering what is self-care? It seems as simple as doing something for yourself, but it is a multidimensional, multifaceted process of purposeful engagement in strategies that promote healthy functioning and well-being. What this means is consciously taking the time to do things to promote your own physical, mental, and emotional health.

Self-Care is important because it improves resiliency, reduces burnout, increased energy, reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, makes relationships stronger and improves happiness.

There are 5 types of Self-Care

  1. Physical: Sleeping well, eating a balanced diet, exercising
  2. Social: maintaining relationships while also keeping healthy boundaries
  3. Mental: practicing self-compassion, positivity. Engaging in mentally stimulating activities.
  4. Spiritual: incorporating meaningful activities into your daily life
  5. Emotional: healthy ways to manage emotions and express feelings

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA, 2014), some important self-care strategies include the following:

  • set aside daily time to relax and reflect on the positives
  • create a daily schedule or routine to create structure
  • set boundaries to create work/life balance
  • stay informed, but limit time listening to the news about a crisis
  • strengthen your support networks
  • exercise or move your body daily
  • manage your sleep
  • stay connected to your community (volunteer)me examples of self-care
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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Stacie to Support, Inc!

Hello, my name is Stacie Arney! I am so excited to be joining Support Inc. and the wonderful team that comes along with the company! I currently attend MSU Denver pursuing a social work degree. Just like any individual who works in human services, I simply love helping people. I recently moved to Colorado this past year so I have picked up all the fun hobbies that you could expect. I love to hike, paddleboard, and go on runs! When I am not at work or school, I enjoy time with my animals and my partner.

Support, Inc. Welcomes New Associate Director

“Hi Team! My name is Samantha Cordova, and I feel honored and excited to join the Support Inc. family as an Associate Director of Operations for the Denver Metro 3 team. I have an MPH from Boston University School of Public Health with a background in health care management, process improvement, prevention, trauma-informed care, mental health, and substance use. I am passionate about serving my community, engaging in new experiences, and getting to meet new people.


I most recently worked as a Lead Case Manager for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program at Volunteers of America. I have also been serving in the Army Reserves as a Preventive Medicine Specialist for nearly 5 years. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, but have lived in and traveled to over 10 countries. Colorado will always be home to me since I love the mountains, lakes, food scene, dog friendly patios and beautiful weather. I’m excited to start my next chapter at Support Inc., and I look forward to meeting and working with you all!”

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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Coordinator

Help us welcome Lauren Strimer, one of our newest RPCs, to the Den-COS Team!

Greetings! My name is Lauren, and I am a new Residential Program Coordinator on the Colorado Springs team. Before joining the team, I worked as a Day Program Instructor teaching Life Skills to IDD adults in Colorado Springs. I believe it is so important for individuals with disabilities to receive coaching on life skills such as grocery shopping, dressing appropriately, communicating feelings etc. and I loved sharing those skills with my students! I look forward to impacting individuals in other meaningful ways with Support, Inc.

Outside of work, I like to listen to music, go window shopping, and adventure around the Springs with my husband and dog! (I am a proud Army wife and dog mom!)

I am excited to join the Support, Inc. team and meet more of my colleagues in person eventually.


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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Associate Director

Hi Team! My name is Vince Johnson, and I have recently joined Support Inc. as an Associate Director of Operations for the Loveland region. I most recently worked as a Lead Case Manager for Imagine!, the Community Centered Board (CCB) servicing Boulder and Broomfield counties. Additionally, I have participated in two AmeriCorps programs, FEMA Corps, and Teach for America (Memphis, TN). I grew up and spent most of my life living in Wisconsin. I have called Colorado home for the past three years.

Outside of work I enjoy being active outdoors hiking, camping, skiing, and playing yard games. I am looking forward to growing in my position and having the opportunity to meet and work with you all.


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Support, Inc. Welcomes New Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming Candice to Support, Inc.!

My name is Candice, and I love to paint- the most important thing to me is my daughter. I’ve been in the field for almost 20 years, started as a DSP and have held many positions since, including DP Manager to RPC. I love the field and seeing individuals learn and grow to be independent.



Nurse Updates and New Hires

We are excited to announce a full and fully functioning Nurse Team! We welcome Hannah Ivey and Robyn Richardson as our newest Medical Coordinators. Heather Markham is our newest RN. We are so fortunate to have them as a part of our team!

Robyn Richardson is our Medical Coordinator for Denver Metro 1, 2 and the Colorado Springs Team.

Hannah Ivey is our Medical Coordinator for Denver Metro 3, 4 and the Loveland Team.

Heather Markham RN and Morgan Struck RN will continue to work across teams helping with medical concerns and training. Heather Markham is responsible for individual who have delegations.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to run them through your coordinator!


September is Healthy Aging Month!

Health Aging Month was created to bring attention to the challenges that come with aging and encourage people to focus on their health and take precautions. The focus was on helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle at any age. Exercise isn’t only good for our physical health. Adding exercise into your daily routine also stimulates the growth of new brain cells, slows down the aging process, makes the skin healthier, improve sleep and boosts confidence.

As we age, we also need to increase our health screenings beyond an annual physical. Everyone should start doing a colonoscopy (colorectal cancer screening) at age 45. Women are recommended to start getting a mammogram (breast cancer screening) at age 45.

This September, we can all focus on small activities to boost our health. Choose an activity you enjoy, it can be anything from playing a sport or going for a walk, even making small healthy diet changes such as opting for fruits/vegetables or lean protein snacks instead of chips.

Are you getting out this September to get more exercise or maybe trying out a new sport? Tell us about it and maybe you could be featured on our website or Facebook page!


Support, Inc. BBQ

Support, Inc. hosted it’s annual Summer BBQ last week for the first time in two years. With the pandemic putting a pause on in-person activities, we were forced to forego our traditions last year. Luckily, the STAR Committee was able to host it’s summer gathering again, and we were thrilled to have everyone at our main office in Aurora. Between the food, the games, the raffles and the prizes, it was a great time to enjoy each other’s company. The friendships and comradery developed through the years always shines through when we all get together as one big bunch of people helping people.