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COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Hosted by Support, Inc.

Support, Inc. recently hosted it’s second vaccination clinic, and we’re proud to report on this successful accomplishment! We vaccinated 156 people for their second dose, and about 5 individuals received their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. From the set-up to the tear down, we’re so happy to share some details from the clinic. Everything ran smoothly and went off without a hitch.

First, we started by partnering with CDPHE. We worked together with medical staff on-site including RNs from the state and our very own Registered Nurse, Morgan Struck. Morgan and Laura (Associate Director of Quality Assurance) ensured we had the staff we needed to vaccinate as many people as possible, rapidly and safely. Our first clinic held on March 17th went well with no major hiccups. Thanks to this planning and preparation a month ago, we were well-equipped to lead our second clinic with the guidance of CDPHE staff.

It was a group effort to put on this vaccination clinic-before the first and second vaccination clinics, we held volunteer meetings to go over each person’s individual role in the process. We clarified questions and made sure everyone knew what they were doing. By the time the clinics rolled around, we felt well prepared and confident in leading the people we serve through the process we developed.

In addition, our Day Services staff closed the program the day before to prepare for everyone joining us the following day. Our DSPs and Day Program Supervisors were instrumental in hosting the clinic, alongside CDPHE staff. We thank everyone that volunteered their time to make this work. We mapped out our site to have a nice flow for the clinic. We also had a wait area for people to be monitored 15 minutes after their vaccination.

Our established COVID-19 Pandemic Committee thought about this vaccination process for the people we serve from multiple angles. We developed several accommodations for PRS, to make this as easy as possible for them. If someone would rather be vaccinated outside, we offered drive-up services for these individuals. We offered snack and water and juice to anyone that needed it. Support, Inc. also offered fidget spinners and other hand-held “gadgets”, if you will, to help keep folks entertained while they waited 15 minutes during their observation period.

So why did we host this clinic? We wanted the people we serve to have easy access to the vaccine. We also considered the needs of PRS and their families and providers to have a familiar setting in which to become vaccinated. Furthermore, we wanted our staff to have a place to come to, in case they needed the vaccine, as well. Ultimately, we endorse the vaccine and continue to encourage the people we serve and our entire network to get vaccinated soon!

Check out our photos from the vaccine clinic! And for further questions on the planning and the process, please email Cathy at Cathy.Kellogg@supportinc.com

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The Wide World of Sports

Support, Inc. hosted its first ever sports event and boy did we have fun! From socially distanced games to DIY baseball cards and stadium snacks, this full-day event was packed with fun activities.

To start, Day Services Supervisors asked our Direct Support Professionals to develop this event with the people we serve. We’re more likely to enjoy ourselves when we have a hand in the planning, and so we wanted our DSPs to “own” this event and have fun with it! When our staff is involved in the planning with our clients, the event is more likely to be successful and engaging for everyone involved. We thank our staff for spearheading these efforts and for being so thoughtful and creative in their brainstorming sessions.

Next, we asked our Day Program attendees what they would like to see for this event.  The Support, Inc. Client Council offers a voice to those that want to express ideas for organizational input and change. The Council came together to plan this as their first major event of the program. The Client Council offers exciting opportunities to be seen and heard and to ultimately get involved with the agency. Once ideas for the Wide World of Sports were developed, a date was set, and the event took off without a hitch.

The Wide World of Sports ran from 9:45-3:15 and included activities such as mini-golf on site and making wrestler’s masks. People were welcome to participate in person or online at their leisure. When basketball happened in person, DSPs ran a separate group online called Fairytale Factory. The group had fun going over Casey at the Bat and having their own mini party online.

In addition, our PRS had fun making their own baseball cards from scratch!! These cards were dressed up as MVPs and each person described their own positive characteristics. These cards proved to be fun and personable, unique to each individual in services. Each card offered insight into how each person sees themselves. In the days leading up to the event, PRS designed their own jerseys too. It was nice seeing everyone decked out in their best sport’s attire, whether it was home-made or Colorado sports teams. I noticed a Bronco’s jersey and Rockie’s swag, too!

Stadium snacks proved to be a fan favorite. We had a nacho bar, popcorn, and hot dogs to boot. Who says you can’t enjoy the food we’ve come to miss just because the stands are closed? Day Program attendees loved dressing up their food and getting creative with the nacho toppings. 

DSPs had a video on YouTube to share called Great Moments in Sports. What I loved about our sports event was, not everything required physical activity. You can talk about sports, watch sports on TV, make wrestlers masks and still be engaged in the topic. This versatile line-up of activities allows for everyone to participate whether you are physically capable of playing sports or not. Our Day Program has a Wii on site, so many folks were able to play Wii sports such as bowling, golf and tennis. Others chose to run the relay race in which you balance an egg on a spoon. I have to say, I don’t even like sports, and I had a great time. This day-long event led me to realize how open-ended the world of sports can truly be.

In closing, I’d say we had a great time hosting this event. From the activities hosted on site to the fun we had online, there’s something for everyone that joins our Day Program. If you’d like to learn more, please email Cathy at Cathy.Kellogg@supportinc.com We would love for you to join our in-house us in the future!!

Teri Leiker (Photo courtesy of Lexi Knutson)

Reflecting on the Legacy of Teri Leiker

As we continue to mourn the lives lost in the tragic Boulder shooting, we reflect on the impact that Teri Leiker had on her community.

Teri Leiker worked at the King Sooper’s in Boulder for over 30 years. When she wasn’t busy at work, serving the community, her family reports that

Teri was the most joyful person to be around. Everyone loved her and she loved them back. Teri was a very empathetic individual that cared deeply for those around her and cared about those affected by past floods and wildfires. Teri, like so many of us, was a multifaceted person with her own individual needs and wants and hopes and dreams. With help from Imagine, Boulder County CCB, Teri was able to live on her own at age 21. She maintained her independence and lived a full of dignity and pride. From starting her first and only job at King Sooper’s in 1989 to becoming a homeowner, Teri found her place in the world, becoming a steadfast staple of her local community.

To say that this loss has been significant and absolutely heartbreaking for the IDD community and those that knew her would be an understatement. As the last few weeks have passed, we’ve heard stories in the field relaying what a tremendous individual Teri was. We send our most heartfelt thoughts and well-wishes to Teri’s family and the IDD community in Boulder, including those that knew her at Imagine. We pray that the memories of her life provide comfort and solace to those that loved her.

These photos posted below were from a recent memorial service. As you can see, Teri’s impact on the community remains unmatched and she will be sorely missed.

For more information, you can read about Teri here: https://www.9news.com/…/73-012b4313-ecd7-46d8-a988…


COVID-19 Updates

April 2, 2021

To all Support, Inc. Staff, Providers and Families:

In this communication we will cover the following:

  1. Colorado COVID-19 vaccine update and where to get a COVID-19 vaccine
  2. Support, Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic
  3. Looking ahead
  1. Colorado Vaccine Update

Beginning today, Friday April 2nd, 2021 Phase 2 of Colorado’s distribution plan opens. In this Phase, anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  Colorado expects anyone who wants the vaccine should be able to get the vaccine within the next 2 months, this may change however based on vaccine supply and the increased demand.

There are many options to schedule a vaccine appointment across the state. Click on any of the locations listed below to be directed to the sites appointment registration system.

    • Vaccine Spotter is a tool to help you find COVID-19 vaccine appointment openings at Colorado Pharmacies. The website is updated every minute. 

We are here to help you access the vaccine! Please reach out to your supervisor or Residential Program Coordinator for assistance finding a vaccine appointment.

2. Support, Inc.’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

On Wednesday March 17th we hosted a first dose COVID-19 vaccine clinic at our Aurora office. With the support of CDPHE’s (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) Vaccine Support Team we were able to administer 165 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine to our individual’s receiving services, employee and contractors.

Hosting this clinic was important to our organization. This is a big step in supporting all our employees, contractors and individuals receiving services to get access to this critical vaccine. Navigating community-based vaccine clinics can be frustrating and time consuming. Hosting this clinic allowed us a simple avenue for our constituents to access the vaccine. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have often been overlooked in both National and State pandemic response. This population also faces challenges in accessing quality medical care in the community. By hosting this clinic, we were able to offer our constituents access to the COVID-19 vaccine at a familiar location, with support staff around they recognize and know by name and most of all we were able to administer the vaccine in a flexible and safe environment that allowed us to support each person and family’s unique needs.

If you attended the clinic, your Residential Program Coordinator or Supervisor will assist you to schedule your second dose appointment.

3. Looking Ahead

We continue to work under our current COVID-19 operating protocol including limiting in-person visits to homes, limited office use by appointment only and limited on-site day services. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should continue to follow all infection control practices including social distancing, washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask when in public or having contact with people who don’t live with you.  

There continues to be on-going research into the COVID-19 vaccine. We know the vaccine is highly effective at protecting the recipient from getting COVID-19 and will also protect you from getting seriously ill if you do contract the virus. We do not know yet how well the vaccine prevents you from spreading the virus to others. We are also still learning how effective the vaccines are against new variants that cause COVID-19.

As vaccination rates increase, research data is released, and we get additional guidance from the CDC (Center’s for Disease Control) and CDPHE’s (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) we will update our operating protocol and communicate any changes to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, your supervisor or Residential Program Coordinator.  

Be sure to never miss our correspondences, follow us on Facebook, be sure you are on email and newsletter distribution lists and check out website for on-going updates about COVID-19 and other happenings around the organization.