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A Family Affair: Amber Lends a Hand to Help Her Grandmother, A Host Home Provider With Support, Inc.

When Support, Inc. hired Karen Gray’s granddaughter to be a Direct Support Professional, we were excited to see Amber dive into the world of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

Karen Gray is a strong provider and has worked with us for over 20 years. For Amber’s entire life, this line of work is all Karen has ever known. Karen’s career as a Host Home Provider has led her to help countless individuals, including a few that have stayed with her for over 10 years at a time. Amber has been inspired watching her Grandmother help those in need.

I’m grateful I grew up around IDD services. Society can be very uneducated and misinformed about the IDD population. I’m so glad I always knew how to work with and interact with IDD individuals

Amber also reports that this work and growing up around IDD services has made her more empathetic in general to people and society! Her uncle also has IDD, so he joins Amber and Karen’s individuals on vacations and road trips. They also come together as a small group to attend sporting events and other fun activities in the community.

Now as a DSP, Amber spends half the week at day program and the other half out in the community- activities include shopping, museums, zoos and helping individuals develop their skills when interacting with community members. Amber started with Support, Inc. in November 2022. She relays that she loves the work she does and working with the individuals we serve!

As far as future plans are concerned, Amber wants to stay in the IDD field. She likes being a DSP and might consider being a Host Home Provider in the future. She has a passion for this work and wants to make a career out of it.

Thanks again, Amber, for being an excellent mentor and leader in the field!

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about becoming a Direct Support Professional please email Cathy at To apply with us, please follow this link.

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Direct Support Professional Assists With Holiday Visit

Eric is a person in services who lives with an HHP in Aurora. Eric’s mom lives in Pueblo, and the long distance makes it tough for them to see each other as much as they’d like. Support Inc’s very own Jordan Kurtz volunteered to drive Eric down for a day trip before the holidays, and Eric and his mom were able to spend some quality time together before the holidays. Not to mention Eric and Jordan got to know one another on the way to and from! With the dedication of staff like Jordan, there is now a plan in place for Eric to be able to visit Pueblo once a month to see his Mom. Thanks Jordan!