September is Healthy Aging Month!

Health Aging Month was created to bring attention to the challenges that come with aging and encourage people to focus on their health and take precautions. The focus was on helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle at any age. Exercise isn’t only good for our physical health. Adding exercise into your daily routine also stimulates the growth of new brain cells, slows down the aging process, makes the skin healthier, improve sleep and boosts confidence.

As we age, we also need to increase our health screenings beyond an annual physical. Everyone should start doing a colonoscopy (colorectal cancer screening) at age 45. Women are recommended to start getting a mammogram (breast cancer screening) at age 45.

This September, we can all focus on small activities to boost our health. Choose an activity you enjoy, it can be anything from playing a sport or going for a walk, even making small healthy diet changes such as opting for fruits/vegetables or lean protein snacks instead of chips.

Are you getting out this September to get more exercise or maybe trying out a new sport? Tell us about it and maybe you could be featured on our website or Facebook page!