Allicia Travels to Costa Maya for her Birthday!

Allicia loves celebrating her birthday and usually starts planning her celebration, with the help of her Mom (and Family Care Giver) one year in advance! Allicia will be celebrating her 41st birthday on January 31st. To celebrate, Allicia and her family are taking a cruise to Mexico to swim with dolphins. Jean reported they are having a lovely time in Costa Maya. Allicia’s sister and brother-in-law were able to join, as well!

Jean reports that Allicia and family traveled to Costa Maya to see the Mayan ruins. “It was so fascinating.”, she relayed. They also got to see lots of spider monkeys in the jungle. In addition, Allicia did really well and overcame her fear of allowing the dolphin to take her to shore by having her ride on his belly. Allicia did it and was so glad!  It was wonderful moment.

We love how adventurous Allicia is! Happy birthday from your team at Support, Inc.!

Thank you

January Anniversaries

Please join us in congratulating the below employees with a January anniversary!

Anna Anderson, 6 years on 1/17/2023

Elizabeth Hildebrand, 5 years on 1/15/2023

Ricki Eckdahl, 4 years on 1/1/2023

Elizabeth Lane, 4 years on 1/14/2023

Seth Boniface, 3 years on 1/12/2023

Gail Peters Hill, 2 years on 1/13/2023

Susan Salyards, 1 year on 1/1/2023

Brandon Thibodeau, 1 year on 1/3/2023

Paulyn Matibag, 1 year on 1/3/2023

Mary Beth Roth, 1 year on 1/6/2023

Nathan Algien, 1 year on 1/17/2023

Lisa Carrillo, 1 year on 1/21/2023



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Quality Assurance- Federal Final Settings Rule Series Part Two

Part Two of our Final Settings Rule communication series will focus on informed choice.

Last month we focused on person-centered planning. This month we will build on person-centeredness with the requirement of informed choice. All settings (residential, day program and employment) must optimize individual initiative, autonomy and independence in making life choices. This includes:

  • Each person has privacy in their bedroom. They have a lockable door and only appropriate staff have a key. They can decorate and furnish their bedroom however they want.
  • People get to choose where they live, who they live with including other people in services and who provides their services.
  • People have the freedom and support to control their own schedules and activities.
  • People can have visitors of their choice to their home at any time.
  • People can socialize with people of their choice.
  • People are given 24-7 access to shared telephones and computers, either by making such resources available within the setting (e.g., a dedicated “house phone”) or by helping people access such resources elsewhere.
  • People have access to food at all times, can choose when and where to eat. People have input into meal planning.
  • People can come and go as they wish and have their own key to the home they live in.
  • People have full access to typical areas of the home (kitchen, dining area, laundry and other shared areas).
  • People can control their own money. They can spend their money when they want and on what they want.
  • People have a secure place to keep their belongings when at day program.
  • People live in a home that is accessible to them (such as wheelchair ramps if needed).

As part of the person-centered planning process, people are supported to make informed choices to direct their own lives. Our roles as paid support providers and caregivers is to help the person make informed decisions, support the person to live the life they want and provide services and supports for them to meet their individual goals.

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Quality Assurance- Federal Final Settings Rule Series

In 2014, the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published a rule requiring home- and community-based services (HCBS) to be provided in settings that meet certain criteria. The criteria ensure that HCBS participants have access to the benefits of community living and live and receive services in integrated, non-institutional settings. Colorado has been working towards this transition for several years as CMS extended the transition period. The final transition period is March 2023 when all providers need to demonstrate full compliance with this rule.

Part One of our communication series will focus on person-centered practices.

Person-centered practices puts the person receiving HCBS services at the center, focusing on that person’s goals, values and the life they want to live. Through person-centered service planning, the team listens to what the person wants and tailors services and supports to meet that person’s goal. This is a change in how service planning often was in the past, when paid supports would voice what they felt the person should be doing. Through person-centered practices we give voice back to the person receiving services, recognize them as being the director of their lives and use services offered to them through paid support to meet their life goals.



For more information from CMS about person-centered planning, follow this link to a slide deck presentation.

HHP of the Month

Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Host Home Provider of the Month, Rosie! This nomination was submitted by Malika with the Denver Metro 2 Team.

I would like to nominate Raj (Rosie) Shrestha for December HHP of the Month. I have been working with Rosie since February and it’s been such a pleasure! She has a huge heart and is very patient, two things that are extremely important working in this field. Rosie has one of my PRS in her home who was really looking forward to having independence in a basement apartment. Many times, this individual would get frustrated that they didn’t have their own space, but Rosie made sure to be a listening ear and reassure them their goal would happen it would just take some time.  With open communication and a bit of problem solving the PRS was able to move down to the basement and accomplish their goal of more independence! The move was very important to the PRS and is helping prepare for their end goal of living in their own apartment, a goal Rosie continues to encourage and support.

Rosie truly treats everyone in her home like family, and it’s felt when walking in her home. She’s always offering everyone tea, food, etc.  On many occasions the PRS has voiced they’ve had the best food at Rosie’s home and loves trying authentic Nepali food. The PRS has even helped on their Nepali/Indian food truck up in Loveland and enjoys being able to earn extra money to help with their goal of independence as well. The PRS has said “Rosie feels a lot more like a friend/roommate because she allows me to have my independence”. Rosie is a great asset to the team, and I’m very appreciate of all the hard work she does!

Welcome New hire

Support, Inc. Welcomes New Medical Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming our New Medical Coordinator, Jamie Weidman!

Hi everyone! My name is Jamie and I recently moved to Denver from Salt Lake City, Utah. I went to the University of Utah where I studied Pre-Pharmacy, got a B.S in Human Development, and a minor in Psychology. During my time in school, I always wanted to play a part in helping the community and volunteered at the Southern Utah Veterans Home and the Utah Naloxone Clinic.

Once I graduated, a big goal of mine was to aim for something that would allow me to use my education to make a positive impact in healthcare. I was fortunate enough to move to Colorado and get an opportunity to work in SEP Intake at Rocky Mountain Human Services.  My time there solidified my desire to pursue this type of work long-term. I am excited to be a new addition to the team and can’t wait to learn the ropes of such a wonderful and meaningful organization!


Welcome New hire

Support, Inc. Welcomes New Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming our newest coordinator to the Denver- Colorado Springs Team, Stephanie!!
Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am so excited to be a part of the Support, Inc. Team! I was born and raised in Colorado Springs, and I am a UCCS alumni. I prefer Pepsi over Coke, mountains over the ocean, and savory snacks over sweet. In my free time you can find me hiking, roller-skating, paddle boarding, gardening, or painting.
During my time in school, I found my passion and strengths for being involved in community-based work. My goal is to not only grow and learn as an individual, but to build relationships and make a positive impact in the culture, team, and those I help. I am grateful to be here and to serve the IDD community.
Welcome New hire

Support, Inc. Welcomes New Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming another new Residential Program Coordinators to the Loveland region, Christina!! 😁😁
Hi, my name is Christina, and I’m originally from Chicago. I moved to Kansas to pursue my degrees in criminology and psychology from Kansas State University. I worked in the human service field over 20 years, with my last position in Kansas as a case manager. I moved to Colorado two years ago. Since moving to Colorado I worked one year as a Behavioral Specialist and the last year as a Host Home Provider. In my free time, I enjoy doing arts and crafts , painting, listening to music and walking my dog (who thinks she is a princess)! I’m excited to join Support Inc!
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Support, Inc. Welcome New Coordinator

Please join us in welcoming one of our newest Residential Program Coordinators to the Loveland region!!
Hi, my name is Sarah, and I am so excited to be joining the team as an RPC at the Loveland location. I moved out to Colorado from Michigan about a year ago after graduating from Wayne State University in Detroit with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Neuroscience. Since I was a sophomore in high school I started volunteering at a facility that worked with young adults on the autism spectrum and with other related disorders, I continued my work there until I graduated college running many different social and job skill programs. Since then, I have worked in schools, halfway houses, and medical settings working with a variety of different populations and I am excited to gain more knowledge and experience working with you all!
I grew up in metro Detroit and have lived all around that area, I moved out to Colorado last August and have been loving living out here so far. I keep busy by getting into the mountains and hiking or snowboarding depending on the time of year and climbing as much as I can. I also enjoy reading, crocheting, and any craft I can get my hands on. I cannot wait to start working together and get to know everyone.