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Changes to the individual service & support plan (ISSP):

If you’ve joined our provider town hall meetings you’ve heard about the many changes happening in the IDD system in Colorado. With all these changes, our regulations also needed to be updated. While there are many changes to our regulations, we want to take some time to talk about one major change to the individual services and support plan (ISSP) goals. Case Managers are no longer required to add ISSP goals to the service plan. Additionally, provider agencies are no longer required to develop and track formal ISSP goal programs. This has been a core function of the IDD system for many years and will take us some time to fully phase it out of our operating practices. We are still required to demonstrate that we are supporting people to achieve their goals. We will be doing the following over the next several months:

  1. We will work to discontinue current ISSP programs.
  2. We will stop checking ISSP requirements as part of our internal auditing beginning March 2024.
  3. By June 2024, we will solidify a plan to address how we demonstrate supports being provided to help people achieve their goals.
  4. We will remove the ISSP requirement across our internal tools over the next several months.