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Family Caregiver Program

Learn more about our Family Caregiver Program from a panel of Support, Inc. experts. We offer family caregiver services to families as employees or independent contractors.

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Host Home Provider

Support, Inc.’s team of experts including current host home providers offer information about host home services, what it means to be a provider and how to apply.

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Clinical Services Webinar

Our panel of experts explains the services provided to those on the DD Waiver including assessments, consultations, individual and group sessions online and in person.

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Case Management Services

Support, Inc.’s panel of experts explains how we interact with Community Center Boards, case managers and families as we bring services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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Learn more about the support services Support, Inc. provides for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the perspective of our stakeholders.

BACPAC program

BACPAC Program

A Support, Inc. panel sharing information about our BACPAC (Bold Adventures Creating Possibilities And Challenges) program.

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Nursing Team Services

Learn more about Support, Inc.’s nurse team and the assistance they provide for the individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we serve.


Benefits Services

Support, Inc.’s “Ultimate Benefits Specialist” provides valuable information about benefits from Medicaid and Medicare to Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).


Loveland Office Is Moving!

Hello Support Inc. Teams, I am proud to announce that Loveland will be moving its office on July 22nd, 2015! This venture will be a new frontier for Support, Inc. in helping us to navigate a more Family Caregiver centered setting as well as a more Person-Centered feel. It is an old Victorian house built in 1901. It has just been remodeled and will help us to support community activities and support groups to inspire connections that may have not otherwise been made. We also continue to provide Host Home options and Supported Living Services as well as Children Extensive Supports out of the Loveland office.  We are hoping to build and grow in all program areas. We will let you know when we are moved in and ready to have an Open House! We have a kitchen so cooking/baking is encouraged!

We will be at 245 W. 4th Street in Loveland. Keep in mind that the office may be down for a week as we get organized. We will all be working remotely however and can be contacted through our usual contacts. Help us celebrate this awesome addition to Support, Inc. and all of the people that have put in such hard work, creativity and innovation to make this happen! Check it out!