Charlie Bonilla Promoted to Staffing Coordinator

I’m very excited to announce that Charlie Bonilla has been promoted from his role as a DSP to fill the role of Staffing Coordinator within the Clinical & Day Services Department.  Charlie joined the department as a DSP about 18 months ago and quickly became a stellar team member who could consistently fill difficult assignments.  Charlie’s team members consistently describe him as calm, confident, communicative, and eager and willing to learn new things.  Charlie brings his experience within Support, Inc. and that willing eagerness to learn new things and take on new challenges to the Staffing Coordinator role.  I’m really looking forward to Charlie’s contributions to our department and have no doubt that his impact will be felt positively throughout the organization. 

Outside of his work with Support, Inc., Charlie is actively involved in a band as a vocalist, is a filmmaker, and an audio engineer.  Can’t wait to add Charlies talents to our team!