COVID-19 Updates

April 2, 2021

To all Support, Inc. Staff, Providers and Families:

In this communication we will cover the following:

  1. Colorado COVID-19 vaccine update and where to get a COVID-19 vaccine
  2. Support, Inc.’s COVID-19 vaccine clinic
  3. Looking ahead
  1. Colorado Vaccine Update

Beginning today, Friday April 2nd, 2021 Phase 2 of Colorado’s distribution plan opens. In this Phase, anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  Colorado expects anyone who wants the vaccine should be able to get the vaccine within the next 2 months, this may change however based on vaccine supply and the increased demand.

There are many options to schedule a vaccine appointment across the state. Click on any of the locations listed below to be directed to the sites appointment registration system.

    • Vaccine Spotter is a tool to help you find COVID-19 vaccine appointment openings at Colorado Pharmacies. The website is updated every minute. 

We are here to help you access the vaccine! Please reach out to your supervisor or Residential Program Coordinator for assistance finding a vaccine appointment.

2. Support, Inc.’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

On Wednesday March 17th we hosted a first dose COVID-19 vaccine clinic at our Aurora office. With the support of CDPHE’s (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) Vaccine Support Team we were able to administer 165 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine to our individual’s receiving services, employee and contractors.

Hosting this clinic was important to our organization. This is a big step in supporting all our employees, contractors and individuals receiving services to get access to this critical vaccine. Navigating community-based vaccine clinics can be frustrating and time consuming. Hosting this clinic allowed us a simple avenue for our constituents to access the vaccine. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities have often been overlooked in both National and State pandemic response. This population also faces challenges in accessing quality medical care in the community. By hosting this clinic, we were able to offer our constituents access to the COVID-19 vaccine at a familiar location, with support staff around they recognize and know by name and most of all we were able to administer the vaccine in a flexible and safe environment that allowed us to support each person and family’s unique needs.

If you attended the clinic, your Residential Program Coordinator or Supervisor will assist you to schedule your second dose appointment.

3. Looking Ahead

We continue to work under our current COVID-19 operating protocol including limiting in-person visits to homes, limited office use by appointment only and limited on-site day services. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should continue to follow all infection control practices including social distancing, washing your hands frequently and wearing a mask when in public or having contact with people who don’t live with you.  

There continues to be on-going research into the COVID-19 vaccine. We know the vaccine is highly effective at protecting the recipient from getting COVID-19 and will also protect you from getting seriously ill if you do contract the virus. We do not know yet how well the vaccine prevents you from spreading the virus to others. We are also still learning how effective the vaccines are against new variants that cause COVID-19.

As vaccination rates increase, research data is released, and we get additional guidance from the CDC (Center’s for Disease Control) and CDPHE’s (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) we will update our operating protocol and communicate any changes to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, your supervisor or Residential Program Coordinator.  

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