Moving and Grooving

Moving and Grooving: A Glimpse into our Exercise Group

As a member of the Intake Team, I’ve often wondered how it is to join the groups I frequently promote. From our LIFE Club to Moving and Grooving and beyond, we offer quite the lineup of activities for people to join online. Our Day Program offers the opportunity to participate in person with peers in a safe environment. But for those that choose to stay home, I would highly recommend Moving and Grooving as a means for light and fun exercise.

To start, you’ll want to wear some comfortable clothing and shoes. I was honestly a little too excited for this group and got ready an hour early. Meredith and Ashley will normally start with stretches and then we move on to the festivities!

I had been meaning to join this group for quite some time. So, to login for this Heartthrob Dance Party was pretty good timing if you ask me. From N’SYNC and Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears and One Direction, the majority of the requests were 90’s favorites. As a true millennial at heart, this made me very happy.

Ready to move and groove in my new workout headband!

My favorite part of this group was just how casual it is. I must’ve had this preconceived notion that the meetings were structured with “group fitness expectations” such as everyone curling their arms together or involving some sort of synchronized group moves. This was not the case. Participants are literally encouraged to “move and groove”, whether that be head-bopping, foot-tapping or full-blown dancing with great enthusiasm. I also loved how comfortable the group felt for people joining it. Everyone was accepting of each other’s dancing, and no one seemed to care how someone else was choosing to move and groove.

Lastly, our clinicians leading the effort are a cut above the rest. Meredith and Ashley are both thoughtful and considerate when guiding these group activities. For instance, we have Moving and Grooving happening again today. The group focuses on strength this week and takes a look at inner and outer strength, so not just the physical elements. The way our Clinicians focus on the whole person, including the emotional needs of our individuals, remains a cutting-edge approach to care. In addition, these activities allow the people we serve the chance to connect with other individuals in the program for socialization opportunities. With deliberate planning and creative ideas, Meredith and Ashley go above and beyond for every session they host. Every theme they develop for Moving and Grooving is safe, fun and ultimately, engaging.

In short, I had a blast joining Moving and Grooving last week! I highly recommend that those on the fence give it a try. Moving and Grooving convenes every Wednesday from 12:15-1:00 p.m. For more information, please visit our calendar at You will also find other groups happening online that you’re welcome to join, as well.