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Quarterly STAR Awards

This month we celebrated our recent STAR Award recipients. These awards are distributed internally for Special Thanks and Recognition.

The categories for awards are listed below.  When you see or hear someone in Support, Inc. going above and beyond, please email your nomination to HR.Admin@supportinc.com with the subject line being STAR Award nomination.  We will collect all submissions and we will deliver awards and recognition according to the frequency listed for each category.

In your email, please include the following:

  • Name of person you are nominating
  • Name of award from list below
  • Describe why your nominee deserves the award, specifically telling the story of the service or suggestion provided that makes your nominee the perfect candidate for the award.


Best Team Player – peer-nominated recognition for someone going the extra mile for their teammates (monthly)

Best Customer Service – a quote from a consumer or provider or something seen or heard by a supervisor or peer regarding excellent internal or external customer service.  We look for patience, attentiveness, ability to relate to customer needs, excellent follow-up, going above and beyond for our clients  (monthly)


Rookie of the Quarter – a newer employee catching on quickly, learning their job and doing more, suggesting improvements that are implemented (quarterly)

Process Improvement Champion – a suggestion for a change leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, boosting morale, or improved customer service that was implemented (quarterly)

Productivity and Quality Award– star performer in their prospective department (quarterly)

QUARTERLY EXCELLENCE AWARDS: Current recipient passes the award on to the next employee

  • Cindy Lou award of excellence in customer service – The Cindy Lou Award is given for ‘Exemplary Customer Service’ by a Support, Inc. employee as recognized by their peers.  This person consistently goes above and beyond for clients, providers, family caregivers, AND fellow employees alike.  Part of providing great customer service is having a strong work ethic. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication by putting in the time to listen and understand, responding to people/situations in a caring and professional manner, being adaptable to changes, and being able to problem solve (even in difficult and stressful situations).  This award is passed on from recipient to recipient.
  • Steve Taylor award of excellence The Steve Taylor Award is given to a fellow co-worker who exemplifies the value of our organization through consumer care and customer service. 

Other Awards

Anniversary Awards – Annual years of service where the month falls within the previous quarter.

Let’s give a big round of applause for the following reward recipients! We appreciate every one of you and your continued dedication to the people we serve.