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Standing with Our Entire Community

June 8th, 2020

To All Support, Inc. Staff, Families, Individuals in Service, Providers, and Partners:

For over thirty years Support, Inc. has defended our constituents from labels of “otherness” and “less than”.  We have collectively advocated for their rights to the same life and choices as all Americans. So, we deeply respect, honor, and support the Black community’s demands for a long over-due justice and an equal place in our country.

Support, Inc. will not tolerate the wholesale mistreatment of classes of people through systemic bias and racism. We fully support the reform of all institutions and systems that perpetuate discrimination and attitudinal bias in any form; and, recognize that it is diversity that has enriched this country throughout its inception, and must be held as the highest priority for our society.

We will also look inward to ensure we are supporting our staff, providers, and families in the most appropriate way during these trying times.  While also seeking opportunities to strengthen our own awareness, to embrace new or improved practices, and do our part to support the Black community.  As these develop, we will share our journey. 

This will be a work in progress and ask that we collectively join together to make a meaningful difference.