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QA Department News & Updates

Changes to the individual service & support plan (ISSP):

If you’ve joined our provider town hall meetings you’ve heard about the many changes happening in the IDD system in Colorado. With all these changes, our regulations also needed to be updated. While there are many changes to our regulations, we want to take some time to talk about one major change to the individual services and support plan (ISSP) goals. Case Managers are no longer required to add ISSP goals to the service plan. Additionally, provider agencies are no longer required to develop and track formal ISSP goal programs. This has been a core function of the IDD system for many years and will take us some time to fully phase it out of our operating practices. We are still required to demonstrate that we are supporting people to achieve their goals. We will be doing the following over the next several months:

  1. We will work to discontinue current ISSP programs.
  2. We will stop checking ISSP requirements as part of our internal auditing beginning March 2024.
  3. By June 2024, we will solidify a plan to address how we demonstrate supports being provided to help people achieve their goals.
  4. We will remove the ISSP requirement across our internal tools over the next several months.
Kyle Car

Kyle Gets His Car Back!

We are happy to announce that one of our individuals in services, Kyle, got his car back recently! Over the past year, Kyle has worked extremely hard to maintain stability in his current host home, use his coping skills, and continue to be an active member in his community. Kyle has continued to show persistence, determination, and his eye on the prize – his car! Kyle’s team could not be prouder of him and his accomplishments throughout the past year. Congratulations Kyle, we are excited to see what the next steps toward your goals will be!


Intake Department News & Updates- Serving Individuals, Family Caregivers and Host Home Providers

Greetings from the Intake Team! It’s been a wonderful year, and we hope you’re staying warm and cozy with the upcoming holiday season right around the corner. 2024 will be here soon!

Each year we strive to help as many people as we can by scheduling meet and greets in a swift manner with case management entities across the state. We understand how the DD waiver can offer life-changing opportunities for individuals seeking services. As such, we aim to reach everyone we can by closely and quickly reviewing referrals, getting creative and trying to serve each person in a way that’s unique to their specific needs.

We explored a few new methods this year (including a time-efficient process for onboarding Host Home Providers) and we’re proud to announce that 2023 might turn out to be our best year yet! For 2023 to be a year of change and uncertainty, in regard to the ongoing case management redesign, we couldn’t be prouder to share our recent successes. The team was approached to handle several unique situations this year. Although Cindy and Kristin have both been with the company for over 20 years, we still accept unique and interesting referrals that keep our jobs feeling fresh and fun on a daily basis. Problem solving is at the root of what we do. We love to get creative and help however we can!

As we continue to examine creative ideas for the remainder of this year and 2024, we want to thank everyone that has helped us bring our new folks into services. Employees, Host Home Providers, Direct Support Professionals we couldn’t do it without you; and we especially appreciate our new families that have trusted us to provide them with high quality services. Thank you all again, and we hope you have a wonderful holiday season!