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Host Home Provider of the Month!

Please join us in congratulating our April Host Home Provider of the Month- Jackie Muniz of Pueblo Community Resources! There are so many of our providers that stand out as just all-around amazing humans. Miss Jackie Muniz is just that, an amazing human. She lives next door to her ageing father, who we all affectionately call, Mr. M. He has been a host home provider with Pueblo Community Resources since nearly the beginning, worked with many different people in services and has been a haven for CR for a long time. When Jackie noticed her father was really struggling with his health, she called us at the office to do a little wellness check right away. CR was safe and happy, but it was clear that it was time to make some changes for Mr. M to be able to focus on his own health. Jackie was more than willing to take CR in her home, having been in this field for over 30 years, she knew that she could offer a similar lifestyle and safe place that CR is most used to. He moved in with Jackie, right away and she has worked so hard to make sure he has everything he needs to feel at home. She caught on to our software quickly, she never hesitated to jump right in and has been able to nourish the relationship the CR and Mr. M have. They maintain their close friendship with daily contact and Jackie makes sure neither of them feels the changes too hard. Her home is comfortable, he is very well fed (Jackie is a stellar cook!) and she has CR out running around with her all the time. He is living his best life with Jackie! We are forever grateful to her for her attentiveness to everything with CR and Mr. M. Her care and concern are truly why CR continues to thrive. Thank you, Jackie, and congratulations on being named the April Host Home Provider of the Month!!!

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Finance Department News & Updates

The Finance Department:

Greetings from the Finance Department. We are excited to introduce a new team member and provide an update on HHP payments.

New Team Member:

Please welcome Venita Ogle, our new Receptionist. She joined Support, Inc. in February 2024. She has a background in waitressing and title insurance. She graduated from Hinkley High School. She enjoys quality time with her family. She loves Football and watching movies with her husband of 35 years. Venita has two boys ages 35 and 21. She really loves doing arts and crafts with her 6-year-old granddaughter. In the office, Venita is providing many of the same supports that her predecessor, Tammy, did. Answering your questions or directing concerns to the right department is just one important part of what she does. We are so happy to have her on our team, ensuring we continue to provide the level of customer service we pride ourselves on.

Updates on Moving Host Home Provider Payments to ADP:

ADP is the HR Platform that Support, Inc. uses to track its employee files and run payroll. Over the past several months, we have been working with the HR Department to add our Host Home Providers (HHPs) to the same system.

Moving our HHPs over to the same system not only helps with back-end consistency but will also automate their bi-weekly payments leading to a higher degree of accuracy and fewer errors. HHPs will be able to access personnel files (see when they are coming due), personal data, and pay stubs directly through a secure online portal. In addition, HHPs can see and update direct deposit information securely.

The Finance and HR Teams are still testing the new system and have been working closely with the Operations Team to ensure a seamless transition.

More on HHP Bi-Weekly Pay:

Below is a 2024 pay schedule for HHPs. The first two dates indicate the date range within the pay period. The third date is when funds are directly deposited into bank accounts. Using ACH (or direct deposit) is the most efficient way to receive payment. Physical checks are processed using Bill.com, Support’s payment processing system, and subject to processing times of the US Postal Service.

Please e-mail us at accountspayable@supportinc.com with any questions or requests.

In the Spirit of Gratitude:

We, the Finance Team, want to give a big thank you to all our Department Teammates, Support Leadership, Directors, Associate Directors, Coordinators, Direct Support Professionals, Providers and Caregivers. We are so grateful to each one of you for partnering with us.  We appreciate your patience as we encounter challenges that arise from the implementation and integration of new systems.  As part of the Support Family, you have our commitment to bring you the best customer service possible.

Common Question Topics for Finance and Where to Direct:  

Host Home Provider Payments – accountspayable@supportinc.com & hradmin@supportinc.com

FCG-IC Payments – accountspayable@supportinc.com

FCG or Employee Pay History – Can be found in your ADP Portal under “Myself”- “Pay”- “Pay & Tax Statements”

Bill.com Questions/ Payee Account Set up – accountspayable@supportinc.com

Verification of Income/Employment Requests for HHP  – hradmin@supportinc.com

Verification of Income/Employment Requests for FCG-ICs – accountspayable@supportinc.com

Verification of Income/ Employment Requests for Employees or FCGs – hradmin@supportinc.com

Medicaid Redetermination Questions – Lily.kirkman@supportinc.com

Social Security Benefits & Paperwork Requests – Lily.kirkman@supportinc.com

Cigna and Other Insurance Benefits Questions – hradmin@supportinc.com


How do I update my direct deposit information?

  • If you are set up with an ADP account, Log into ADP, under “Myself” – “Pay” – “Payment Options” from there you can add or edit the bank information we have on file.


  • If you are not set up with an ADP account, e-mail accountspayable@supportinc.com. Please include your support team in case we need to contact you with any further questions.
QA COrner

QA Department News & Updates

Over the Counter (OTC) Medications:

We would like to give a reminder about over the counter (OTC) medications. This could include scheduled medications such as Zyrtec, Claritin, Vitamins, eyedrops or it could be as needed (PRN) medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Neosporin, etc. When purchasing these items for the person(s) you support please make sure you label the medication and the box with the person’s full first and last name. Because these items usually aren’t being filled by the pharmacy they will not come labeled with the person’s name. The labeling of these medications is a regulatory requirement.

For PRN medications, if the person(s) you support has a prescription medication ordered PRN, such as inhaler, rescue seizure medication, etc. you need to always have these medications available in the home. For over-the-counter PRN medications such as Tylenol, Robitussin, Milk of Magnesia, etc. we do not expect you to have these available in the home. These over-the-counter medications are likely to expire before you need to use them, and they are easy to get when they are needed from any local grocery store or retail pharmacy.

Please reach out to info@supportinc.com if you have any questions.

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Host Home Provider of the Month

We’d like to acknowledge and congratulate our March Host Home Provider of the Month- Lubna Yazdani! Sometimes the relationship between a provider and the person they are caring for is just what each one unknowingly needed. Lubna Yazdani became Roby’s Host Home Provider during a very painful time in Roby’s life. Lubna has worked diligently, learning Therap and caring patiently for Roby through some very difficult adjustments. It was a rough couple of months, but Lubna’s loving kindness has fostered a closeness and healing for Roby. They take frequent outings to the park to feed the ducks in the sunshine and go to restaurants and try new food. Roby is happy and is once again full of smiles. Lubna loves spending time with Roby and is getting more exercise than she has in years! They are wonderful companions to each other, and we’re so happy we get to be a part of it. Congratulations, Lubna, on being named the March Host Home Provider of the Month!! Thank you for all that you do.

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Excelling with Care and Compliance

Read the story below submitted by a Residential Coordinator at Support Inc. We like to highlight excellence as it relates to care and compliance and this story is perfect.

“My client B.B was chosen for a mock state audit last month. The timing was a bit tricky with the primary Host Home Provider (HHP), Canab, leaving the country a few days before the client was chosen and the co-provider, Mohammed, being onboarded two weeks prior to the primary HHP leaving. Mohammed knew B.B well but was still new to the compliance process. Mohammed was very open to the audit and was excited to work towards a good score. Mohammed assisted me every day with getting documents, making many calls, and ensuring that everything was buttoned up. Our audit score ended up being 99% because of one missing psych document. Mohammed called every day and left voicemails to get this document. Not only during this time did Mohammed focus on the audit, but he also ensured Brandon got into the community daily to do his favorite activities. In between their many mall trips (which is B.B’s favorite activity), Mohammed would stop by dentist, vision, and doctors to get paperwork that was missing. Though we did not get 100%, Mohammed gave 110%. It was such a pleasure to have this case chosen because it was able to show how great of a provider Mohammed was and see how dedicated he was to B.B and getting their case perfect.”


Persevering and Gaining Independence

A desire for more independence is a common goal for IDD individuals. While we try to honor this as best we can, it takes perseverance and grit on the part of the individual to make the goal of independence a reality. Jessica Anderson has been receiving IDD services for 22 years, and she decided she wanted to live in an apartment by the time she turned 40. She found a complex she liked, made all the arrangements to view the apartment, and we began the complex process of transitioning her from her host home setting to her first apartment. Through many ups and downs and some tears, she moved into her new home one week after her birthday. She is having so much fun decorating and furnishing her place, and her confidence is soaring. It was a tough journey, but Jessica never gave up. The resilience of the people we serve is a consistent reminder of why we do this job, because we are dedicated to helping people. Congratulations, Jessica on this major accomplishment and thank you to everyone at Support Inc. who assisted along the way!!!



Nursing Department News & Updates

The nursing department recently conducted a webinar that outlined nursing services through Support Inc. To watch the webinar, and learn more about our innovative, outstanding nursing services, please watch the video below.

Nurse Team Webinar (youtube.com)

The Support Inc. nursing team has also gone through recent staff changes. check out the department below:

Morgan Struck (RN)- Associate Director of Nursing

Erin Gordan (RN)- Nurse Case Manager

Lauren Reed (RN)- Nurse Case Manager

Jamie Weidman- Medical Coordinator

Nicole Jordan- Medical Coordinator

HR Corner

HR News and Updates

We are very excited to announce our benefit change for 2024. This transition has been many years in the making.  Even though we have been generally happy with Kaiser, as we have grown, we have had the desire and the need to move to a plan that does not have as many restrictions, offers national coverage, and at an affordable cost to participants and the company.  After careful review by the committee, Cigna was chosen to be our employee health partner moving forward.  Below is some of what you can expect with this transition:


  • Cigna will allow you the opportunity to access a significantly larger network, which is nationwide and one of the largest networks in the country.
  • You will have less restrictions on access to care.  For example, you will not need a referral to see a specialist.
  • Cigna offers a transfer of care team that can assist in transferring prescriptions, finding doctors, and matching you with comparable care.

The HR Team is happy to answer questions and help as we make this transition and do everything in our power to make sure you’re able to access our employee benefits with ease!