The Support, Inc. Difference

Support, Inc. has provided residential services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 31 years. When you join the Support Family, you are guaranteed a strong and experienced team to meet your needs.

The Support Inc. Difference

Support provides exceptional customer service from day one. Our Intake Team scrutinizes referrals for person-specific details and takes a clinical approach to care. These referrals are not “just another number”. First, we scour every referral to be sure we are able to meet the individual’s needs. Whether you take the Family Caregiver Route or Host Home, we only accept referrals that we feel we are able to accommodate. We do everything we can to get creative with our solutions. By being more selective from the get-go, we reduce the likelihood of someone “blowing out” from their placement. Support is committed to long-term placements and as such, we do everything we can to ensure a solid match the first time around. With over 200 people in services, we can assure you that our creative and flexible approaches to problem-solving have led to excellent outcomes for those we serve.

If for some reason we need another option, we have plenty of Host Homes to choose from. This year alone, the Intake Team has onboarded over 70 new providers, and this doesn’t include the providers we’ve contracted with for many years. From Fort Collins down to Colorado Springs, Support has quite a few providers to choose from-let us find you the perfect match!

For those that opt for Family Caregiver, we have a committee dedicated to making this waiver as easy as possible for our new families coming into services. Our Family Caregiver Committee has dedicated countless hours to reviewing the family caregiver model and experience. We started by examining the onboarding process. Families go through so much to get into services, so we drastically reduced the amount of items needed to get onboarded as an employee. In addition, with ADP (our payroll system), we now have an online and paper option to get going as an employee. The committee also reviewed our training and regulatory training requirements to remove trainings that aren’t relevant or needed for a family who has been living in the world of IDD services for many years.

Ultimately, we focus on how to meet regulations while supporting families to be a family. And if the customer service alone doesn’t set us apart, our individualized budgets truly go above and beyond to meet the needs of the family. We design them to allow for far more flexibility than other agencies (vacations, rent/bill support, hobbies and interests of the individual, etc.). We also review them on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet the families needs.

Lastly, we have our PCA option available to people in services. This can work a few different ways-sometimes we help our individuals switch the lease from one agency to the next while remaining in the same apartment. We’ve also assisted with moving our residents to a new setting and helping locate the perfect apartment. Our coordinators can help you find a place to live. You would be hard-pressed to identify a living situation we have yet to tackle. Support offers flexible living options, and we also have experience with working alongside HUD inspectors and maintaining Section 8 housing vouchers.

Aside from our residential services, we offer clinical services in-house. And did we mention our amazing Nursing Team and Benefits Specialist? Support, Inc. offers well-rounded, person-centered services with unmatched customer service. At Support, we are redefining the life experience for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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