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The Wide World of Sports

Support, Inc. hosted its first ever sports event and boy did we have fun! From socially distanced games to DIY baseball cards and stadium snacks, this full-day event was packed with fun activities.

To start, Day Services Supervisors asked our Direct Support Professionals to develop this event with the people we serve. We’re more likely to enjoy ourselves when we have a hand in the planning, and so we wanted our DSPs to “own” this event and have fun with it! When our staff is involved in the planning with our clients, the event is more likely to be successful and engaging for everyone involved. We thank our staff for spearheading these efforts and for being so thoughtful and creative in their brainstorming sessions.

Next, we asked our Day Program attendees what they would like to see for this event.  The Support, Inc. Client Council offers a voice to those that want to express ideas for organizational input and change. The Council came together to plan this as their first major event of the program. The Client Council offers exciting opportunities to be seen and heard and to ultimately get involved with the agency. Once ideas for the Wide World of Sports were developed, a date was set, and the event took off without a hitch.

The Wide World of Sports ran from 9:45-3:15 and included activities such as mini-golf on site and making wrestler’s masks. People were welcome to participate in person or online at their leisure. When basketball happened in person, DSPs ran a separate group online called Fairytale Factory. The group had fun going over Casey at the Bat and having their own mini party online.

In addition, our PRS had fun making their own baseball cards from scratch!! These cards were dressed up as MVPs and each person described their own positive characteristics. These cards proved to be fun and personable, unique to each individual in services. Each card offered insight into how each person sees themselves. In the days leading up to the event, PRS designed their own jerseys too. It was nice seeing everyone decked out in their best sport’s attire, whether it was home-made or Colorado sports teams. I noticed a Bronco’s jersey and Rockie’s swag, too!

Stadium snacks proved to be a fan favorite. We had a nacho bar, popcorn, and hot dogs to boot. Who says you can’t enjoy the food we’ve come to miss just because the stands are closed? Day Program attendees loved dressing up their food and getting creative with the nacho toppings. 

DSPs had a video on YouTube to share called Great Moments in Sports. What I loved about our sports event was, not everything required physical activity. You can talk about sports, watch sports on TV, make wrestlers masks and still be engaged in the topic. This versatile line-up of activities allows for everyone to participate whether you are physically capable of playing sports or not. Our Day Program has a Wii on site, so many folks were able to play Wii sports such as bowling, golf and tennis. Others chose to run the relay race in which you balance an egg on a spoon. I have to say, I don’t even like sports, and I had a great time. This day-long event led me to realize how open-ended the world of sports can truly be.

In closing, I’d say we had a great time hosting this event. From the activities hosted on site to the fun we had online, there’s something for everyone that joins our Day Program. If you’d like to learn more, please email Cathy at Cathy.Kellogg@supportinc.com We would love for you to join our in-house us in the future!!