Happy Summer to all from the Residential Team! We hope everyone is enjoying the longer days and warmer weather. If you’ve attended a Provider Town Hall this year you may have heard us talk about “pie funds”. What’s that, you ask? Let us explain.

Towards the end of the calendar year and the beginning of the new year we release surveys: for our providers, for our employees, and for the people receiving services. No matter who you are, we take your feedback seriously. When it came time to compile the data – a theme emerged. Employees, specifically Residential Program Coordinators (RPCs), wanted more autonomy to make connections with the people on their caseloads. Providers and those they care for wanted to be seen, heard, and supported.

Last fall, Senior RPC Raymond Delgado, was faced with the daunting task of the dreaded Unannounced Visit. Without asking, he famously purchased pie to bring along to soften the blow of the never timely and often disruptive Unannounced Visit. The story spread, and when it came time for us to put together an action plan to respond to the surveys – we knew just what to do. More pie!

The Residential Team implemented “pie funds” earlier this spring. Each RPC is allotted a small budget every couple of months. There aren’t a lot of rules, but the idea is to build deeper connections and recognize others. That might be in the form of a card, a coffee, lunch, flowers, or??? The possibilities are endless. It’s still early, but I’ve already heard touching stories. Stay tuned- you may be the next recipient of “pie”.