Please join us in congratulating the June Host Home Provider of the Month- Fanny Hutabarat!!!

It’s hard to know where to begin when describing Fanny. To know Fanny is to know grace and strength. Fanny is a woman of many talents, one being the unwavering ability to take care of her Person Receiving Services (PRS). She advocates at doctors’ appointments, maintains consistent communication, and keeps track of the many moving pieces. She has created a comfortable home, allowing her PRS to know he has a stable support system and is safe to be himself.

There was an instance where Support Inc. Residential Coordinator and Fanny had to have a difficult conversation with her PRS. Fanny fearlessly approached this situation with openness and respect. She has a superpower of putting people at ease and making difficult things not feel so daunting at all. Because of her, a sensitive conversation ended up having a positive impact.

Every day, Fanny brings out the best in the people around her. Thank you so much Fanny for all the lessons you teach and for being a phenomenal Host Home Provider 😊! Congratulations on being named the June Host Home Provider of the Month!