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Blanket Activity to Benefit Archway Communities

The STAR Committee recently planned a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Project with the help of Human Resources. Lieke and Tammy, along with other members of the committee, helped gather materials for employees to each create a warm blanket. Agency employees came together one day over Zoom and spent a few hours on the project as a team. The blankets were then donated to Archway Communities, a non-profit that works with people with lower incomes. As they say it themselves: Archway Communities elevates lives by providing access to affordable housing, food security and the supportive social services people need to thrive. Our Mission – Archway Communities

This activity was rewarding for Support, Inc. employees, as they enjoyed giving back to their community. Lieke reports how much Archway Community staff appreciated the kind gesture-

They were very grateful for the blankets, and one of the residents happened to be there and received a blanket already. He is very happy with it, and wants to thank the Support Inc. employees for caring.

The STAR Committee Core Values include fostering a positive work culture, promoting employee appreciation and encouraging self-care. We understand how caring for others can often fill our own cups and for this reason, along with many others, we greatly enjoyed this project. Ultimately, the best part of this project was dropping off the blankets to those in need.

As Support, Inc. looks to host further CSR projects, we’re always open to ideas and suggestions! Reach out to us by contacting Cathy at Cathy.Kellogg@supportinc.com

Tammy hold one of the blankets while Luna (our faithful Support, Inc. mascot) has a sniff
Big thanks to Lieke for dropping off the blankets!