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We’d like to give a huge shout out to Host Home Provider, Jamie Sanchez, for her amazing work. Jamie goes above and beyond to support our individuals in services and is a true example of a “people helping people” person! She went on several fun trips this summer with the three individuals she supports. On June 10th, they went kayaking, and on July 8th, they went to the Pueblo Reservoir to rent a pontoon boat. At one point NM and DY even steered the pontoon! After boating, they went to the gift shop to buy merchandise and then went out for dinner. Check out pictures below of their adventures. Thank you, Jamie, for being a rockstar Host Home Provider!!!


HHP of the Month

Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Host Home Provider of the Month, Rosie! This nomination was submitted by Malika with the Denver Metro 2 Team.

I would like to nominate Raj (Rosie) Shrestha for December HHP of the Month. I have been working with Rosie since February and it’s been such a pleasure! She has a huge heart and is very patient, two things that are extremely important working in this field. Rosie has one of my PRS in her home who was really looking forward to having independence in a basement apartment. Many times, this individual would get frustrated that they didn’t have their own space, but Rosie made sure to be a listening ear and reassure them their goal would happen it would just take some time.  With open communication and a bit of problem solving the PRS was able to move down to the basement and accomplish their goal of more independence! The move was very important to the PRS and is helping prepare for their end goal of living in their own apartment, a goal Rosie continues to encourage and support.

Rosie truly treats everyone in her home like family, and it’s felt when walking in her home. She’s always offering everyone tea, food, etc.  On many occasions the PRS has voiced they’ve had the best food at Rosie’s home and loves trying authentic Nepali food. The PRS has even helped on their Nepali/Indian food truck up in Loveland and enjoys being able to earn extra money to help with their goal of independence as well. The PRS has said “Rosie feels a lot more like a friend/roommate because she allows me to have my independence”. Rosie is a great asset to the team, and I’m very appreciate of all the hard work she does!

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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Host Home Providers of the Month!!

The Denver Metro 4 team would like to nominate Jared Bedard and Nicole Hooker for HHP of the month. Jared and Nicole have been no strangers to working with individuals with developmental disabilities, as both families have been working as HHP for numerous years. They are both amazing providers and partners who work so in sync with one another.

Jared and Nicole have been instrumental with providing supports to a person with high behavioral needs that we serve. When we first reached out to the Bedard/Hooker family asking to take a PRS who going through a very difficult time, they without hesitation agreed to help support him and a home. They also have two other PRS in home who without a doubt are so cared for and are family to them.

Overall, the Bedard/Hooker family are one in a million. The love they share for their PRS and their family is admiring. Without a doubt, they always make sure to get to the root problem and don’t just choose an “easy out”. Their person-centered approach has proven to be successful time and time again, meeting their individual’s unique and challenging needs. Throughout these last few years, this family has shown what amazing support they are. We are all so thankful for the amazing work that they provide!!

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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent recipient for Host Home Provider of the Month! Kathy Scheer has been nominated by the Denver Metro 2 Team. Read ahead for the write-up on behalf of her coordinator, Paulyn-

I would like to nominate Kathy Scheer for June HHP of the Month. I have been working with Kathy since January of this year and she has been nothing short of amazing. Kathy takes care of two individuals in services with us at Support, Inc but refers to them as her “peeps”. You can tell they absolutely adore Kathy as Tina will always ask me at every visit, “so when is Kathy going to get her provider of the Month award?”

My favorite thing about Kathy is that she doesn’t expect anything from her peeps that she won’t do herself. Roy has been struggling with a stiff back and refuses to do the stretching exercises. But when Kathy offers to join him, he will give in from time to time and join.

Kathy listens and understands her peeps so well that she was able to help Tina achieve her goal of losing 100 pounds, to be able to stand and mobilize more on her own. One day Tina went to Day Program and came home telling Kathy, “I got myself a job” with a big smile on her face. This accomplishment was achieved with the immense help and support from her HHP that fueled Tina’s drive to want to help others as well. Tina is now involved in a work study program 4 days a week, doing different tasks, in hopes of getting a paying job to earn some money to play at Black Hawk and go shopping.

Thanks again, Kathy, for being a shining example of a wonderful Host Home Provider!


Abe is Living His Best Life Thanks to Agnes

Moving from your family home to a new setting can be stressful and unfamiliar. But when Abe was matched to Agnes, his team felt confident this could be a great match.

Agnes came to us as a very strong and confident provider and also a breast cancer survivor. Danielle (Abe’s Residential Program Coordinator) relays that Agnes is always very humble, polite and respectful to talk with. We couldn’t think of anymore more deserving to win this recent Host Home Provider of the Month nomination!

Danielle submitted these details on Abe’s behalf- Agnes has been a great fit for Abe with his medical needs. Not only is Agnes a nurse with many years’ experience, she also understands the social and emotional needs of Abe. Abe had a great time visiting Glenwood Springs thanks to Agnes bringing him on a small weekend trip. Between joining Support, Inc.’s Day Program and living with Agnes, Abe has been happy as pie. One of his favorite things to do is listen to Garth Brooks with his provider!

Agnes knows another couple at Support, Inc. and they are Host Home Providers, as well. When Abe recently celebrated his birthday at the bowling alley, he had a great time hanging out with the other individuals in services. He loves outings to the bowling alley, so this was a real treat. In addition, Agnes has a young daughter, and Abe greatly enjoys spending time with her. His face lights up when he sees her, and he loved socializing with everyone in attendance. All in all, it was a wonderful day for Abe and his providers!

We cannot brag enough on Agnes’ behalf- Agnes, along with his guardian, make sure to take Abe to all of his doctor’s appointments in a timely manner. They ultimately ensure his needs are being met, and Abe has flourished in his new setting in the last several months. Agnes understands the importance of documentation and always keeps her team in the loop on recent updates. She knows how to manage his G-tube and provides the excellent medical care he deserves. The quality of life she relays remains top notch. We thank Agnes for being such a great provider and for going above and beyond on Abe’s behalf!

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Host Home Provider of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Host Home Providers of the Month, Frank and Nola! The following write-up was produced by Anna on the Denver Metro 3 Team-


Today our team would like to recognize Frank and Nola Restesan as HHP of the month. Frank and Nola have been with Support Inc. for many years. I have personally had the pleasure of being their Coordinator for the last 3 years. Prior to me, Rich was their RPC, and he always had great things to say about their work and care for their individuals. Both Individuals in the home have high medical needs. The level of care required for the individuals already comes with some big shoes to fill. Frank and Nola work as team and go above and beyond with a level of care that is something all providers should aspire to be!

They laugh, sing, dance, shop, go to parks with their individuals and make sure that they are as safe as possible with COVID-19. The two individuals in their care are always well put together and dressed to the Tee! Over the years they have gone through some traumatic medical events and spent countless hours at their side playing music, singing and supporting them while in the hospital. One of the individuals was released with an increase in medical needs that would typically result in them needing to go into a long term care facility. Nola and Frank rallied and rotated their nights sleeping, in order to get the individual to the point he is today. Nola and Frank have consistently kept up on documentation despite the level of care and time they spend with each individual. They are a wonderful example of what it takes to be one of the best HHPs and in today’s case HHP of the month!

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Host Home Provider of the Month

The Denver- Colorado Springs Team would like to nominate Atea Linga as Host Home Provider of the month. Since coming to Support Inc, Atea has been a highly thought of HHP. When COVID hit she was more than willing to step in and help where she could, to provide respite to other providers.

Atea has also been instrumental in stabilizing a high needs person by effectively anticipating her needs to ensure no escalation would ensue. She has also built this relationship of trust and understanding and now has been able to find out some of this person’s triggers to help her navigate her behaviors. Without Atea, this person would likely not be able to live in a Host Home setting. Her unwavering passion to care for people paired with her medical knowledge is a combination we at Support could only hope for in a Host Home Provider, and Atea exemplifies it.

Recently Atea jumped into actioned when I called her requesting some emergency Respite for a family in need. She picked the individual up and took her back home. She also helped the following week when the person had another respite need urgently. She worked with Hospital staff to ensure the person was ready and willing to be discharged. She drove her several towns away and back to her home again. This time her stay in respite was a bit longer and Atea was ready and willing to help this person through her crisis. She spent time over the weekend making her feel comfortable and helping her feel needed and like she could let her guard down and begin to decompress from all the events prior.

Overall Atea is a phenomenal HHP and person in general. She cares and really wants to find better solutions for the people we serve. In the past year she has ensured with her work ethic and passion for people that she is a valued HHP with Support Inc and we couldn’t be more thankful she chose us!

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Family Caregiver of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Family Caregiver of the Month, Roxie! The following write-up is provided by Kali, Residential Program Coordinator with the Loveland Team.

I started working with Roxie in August of this year. In the short time we have worked together, Roxie has shown the highest level of patience, empathy, and compassion for J and the willingness to learn. During our second meeting, I went over the file review with Roxie and showed her some areas in which we were lagging with compliance. Roxie assured me that she would try to do her part to increase our next file review score, which she has. Roxie is also very swift when notifying me about consult visits, as well as turning in consult notes in a timely manner. At each visit, J does not miss an opportunity to let me know how much of a positive influence Roxie has been in his life and I can see why. Roxie truly embodies many of the characteristics of a great Host Home Provider.

Thanks for all that you do Roxie-we are happy to have you here at Support Inc. Congratulations for being Family Caregiver of the month!

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Host Home Provider of the Month

The Denver Metro 1 Team would like to nominate Nancy Rogers-Fleming as Host Home Provider of the Month for her outstanding care and dedication to the people she serves. Nancy recently took on a new person in her home. As you can imagine, things can get complicated trying to coordinate care and schedules for three individuals. Nancy has taken this challenge head on, and despite some early setbacks has helped this person integrate into her home while never missing a beat with the other two in services. We are so thankful for Nancy’s hard work and diligence. She is truly a person helping people – and we don’t know what we would do without her. Thank you, Nancy!