Abe is Living His Best Life Thanks to Agnes

Moving from your family home to a new setting can be stressful and unfamiliar. But when Abe was matched to Agnes, his team felt confident this could be a great match.

Agnes came to us as a very strong and confident provider and also a breast cancer survivor. Danielle (Abe’s Residential Program Coordinator) relays that Agnes is always very humble, polite and respectful to talk with. We couldn’t think of anymore more deserving to win this recent Host Home Provider of the Month nomination!

Danielle submitted these details on Abe’s behalf- Agnes has been a great fit for Abe with his medical needs. Not only is Agnes a nurse with many years’ experience, she also understands the social and emotional needs of Abe. Abe had a great time visiting Glenwood Springs thanks to Agnes bringing him on a small weekend trip. Between joining Support, Inc.’s Day Program and living with Agnes, Abe has been happy as pie. One of his favorite things to do is listen to Garth Brooks with his provider!

Agnes knows another couple at Support, Inc. and they are Host Home Providers, as well. When Abe recently celebrated his birthday at the bowling alley, he had a great time hanging out with the other individuals in services. He loves outings to the bowling alley, so this was a real treat. In addition, Agnes has a young daughter, and Abe greatly enjoys spending time with her. His face lights up when he sees her, and he loved socializing with everyone in attendance. All in all, it was a wonderful day for Abe and his providers!

We cannot brag enough on Agnes’ behalf- Agnes, along with his guardian, make sure to take Abe to all of his doctor’s appointments in a timely manner. They ultimately ensure his needs are being met, and Abe has flourished in his new setting in the last several months. Agnes understands the importance of documentation and always keeps her team in the loop on recent updates. She knows how to manage his G-tube and provides the excellent medical care he deserves. The quality of life she relays remains top notch. We thank Agnes for being such a great provider and for going above and beyond on Abe’s behalf!