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Host Home Provider of the Month

The Denver- Colorado Springs Team would like to nominate Atea Linga as Host Home Provider of the month. Since coming to Support Inc, Atea has been a highly thought of HHP. When COVID hit she was more than willing to step in and help where she could, to provide respite to other providers.

Atea has also been instrumental in stabilizing a high needs person by effectively anticipating her needs to ensure no escalation would ensue. She has also built this relationship of trust and understanding and now has been able to find out some of this person’s triggers to help her navigate her behaviors. Without Atea, this person would likely not be able to live in a Host Home setting. Her unwavering passion to care for people paired with her medical knowledge is a combination we at Support could only hope for in a Host Home Provider, and Atea exemplifies it.

Recently Atea jumped into actioned when I called her requesting some emergency Respite for a family in need. She picked the individual up and took her back home. She also helped the following week when the person had another respite need urgently. She worked with Hospital staff to ensure the person was ready and willing to be discharged. She drove her several towns away and back to her home again. This time her stay in respite was a bit longer and Atea was ready and willing to help this person through her crisis. She spent time over the weekend making her feel comfortable and helping her feel needed and like she could let her guard down and begin to decompress from all the events prior.

Overall Atea is a phenomenal HHP and person in general. She cares and really wants to find better solutions for the people we serve. In the past year she has ensured with her work ethic and passion for people that she is a valued HHP with Support Inc and we couldn’t be more thankful she chose us!