Family Caregiver

Family Caregiver

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Under the Residential Family Caregiver Model, a family or non-family member may be employed and paid by Support, Inc. to provide care to a loved one with a developmental or intellectual disability.


  1. Choose your activities and what you want to do in the community (e.g. recreation, getting together for meals, and attending places of worship).
  2. Receive help for activities such as cooking, shopping, laundry, housekeeping, etc. that lets you be as independent as possible.
  3. Help with your personal care activities, e.g., bathing, dressing, etc., to promote independence and ensure appropriate hygiene, grooming and dress.


  1. We design a plan that works specifically for your family. You can create your own paid work hours and natural supports schedule around your family's unique lifestyle, preferences and activities.
  2. Our training requirements are simple and clear and are free of cost to you and/or your staff. We offer different training options for your convenience — in person and online.


  1. If you choose a non-family member to provide care to you or your loved one, we will recruit specific to your loved one's needs and preferences, screen and train the provider, and involve you and/or your loved one in the hiring process.
  2. Use your plan to cover things like transportation and mileage reimbursement, self-advocacy training, skills training, community access, recreational programs like Easter Seals and summer camp. 


  1. You will have 24 hour support and access to a Registered Nurse.
  2. We offer a competitive pay rate, mileage reimbursement and benefits plan.
  3. You will have a team who willl provide supports to you and your family member:
  • A Program Coordinator will help you with documentation, training, finding and coordinating outside services, answer questions and more;
  • A Support, Inc. Nurse will assist you with coordination of medical appointments, interfacing with doctors/hospitals, reviewing medications, face to face visits and more.
  • A Behaviorist will assist you and your family member when there are challenginig behaviors and/or psychotropic medications.
  • A Benefits Specialist can assist with redetermination applications, selecting a drug plan, applying and maintaining benefits.
  • Day Program, Specialized Habilitation and/or Supported Community Connections for those who live in/near Aurora. The type of services received will be individualized based on preference and needs outlined in the Service Plan.


ARC 2011 Family Caregiver Resource Guide

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