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Family Caregiver of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Family Caregiver of the Month, Roxie! The following write-up is provided by Kali, Residential Program Coordinator with the Loveland Team.

I started working with Roxie in August of this year. In the short time we have worked together, Roxie has shown the highest level of patience, empathy, and compassion for J and the willingness to learn. During our second meeting, I went over the file review with Roxie and showed her some areas in which we were lagging with compliance. Roxie assured me that she would try to do her part to increase our next file review score, which she has. Roxie is also very swift when notifying me about consult visits, as well as turning in consult notes in a timely manner. At each visit, J does not miss an opportunity to let me know how much of a positive influence Roxie has been in his life and I can see why. Roxie truly embodies many of the characteristics of a great Host Home Provider.

Thanks for all that you do Roxie-we are happy to have you here at Support Inc. Congratulations for being Family Caregiver of the month!