Jeremy and Mikey Enjoy an Outdoor Outing

At Support, Inc. we enjoy our weekend outings; when the weather is warm and the air is clear, what better time to enjoy a trip to the lake?

Richard Shaw looked forward to his annual trip with Jeremy and Mikey recently. For the last 5 out of 7 years, the boys would rent a cabin together and take a trip on the lake with a pontoon boat. Although the trip was cancelled last year due to COVID-19, Rich reports the group had a blast recently getting back together for a late-summer adventure.

Carter Lake, located near Fort Collins, offers a secluded feeling without being too far from civilization. Rich rent a pontoon for 3 hours, so the three of them could fish off the ledge. When asked how Jeremey and Mikey know each other, Rich replied, “They live in separate host homes, but they’ve know each other from BACPAC. Mikey and Jeremey used to participate in horse-back riding together. This eventually transformed into a camping event. They’ve known each other for over 10 years through various activities at Support, Inc.”

When the boys aren’t hanging out at the cabin or fishing on the lake, they’re shopping in downtown Estes Park. Jeremey and Mikey enjoy spending money in the downtown area, walking around and checking out the shops. Going out to eat is also a welcomed reprieve from the midday heat. From fishing and shopping to the overall sense of comradery, it’s the connections in this group that make the weekend trek well worth the trip.  

Rich relays how excited Jeremey and Mikey were to catch up-this marked their first face-to-face interaction in over two years. In the midst of this pandemic, we fully support maintaining safe connections and increasing supports for people with IDD. The friendship Mikey and Jeremey have developed over the last 10 years is something we hope all of our People Receiving Services (PRS) can achieve through the events that we host at Support, Inc.

We thank Rich for taking the time to make these trips happen, and we also thank our Host Home Providers (HHPs) for preparing Mikey and Jeremey as the weekend approached. It takes planning and dedication to gather supplies, medications and fishing gear for these weekend excursions; with the help of Linda Johnston and Jim Pendleton over the last 10 years, Rich has been able to provide valuable  and meaningful life experiences to many folks in the IDD community, including Mikey and Jeremy. 

We greatly appreciate the help of our staff and providers that ensure our individuals have a fun and safe weekend. Although Rich attributes most of the work to the HHPs, we wouldn’t have a successful BACPAC program without Rich and our wonderful staff!

For similar events, keep an eye out for BACPAC opportunities. We continue to closely monitor COVID-19 updates at the federal and local levels. As such, health and safety remain the top priority. When Support, Inc. is able to plan additional trips, we will most certainly share details and information on our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/supportinc1989