Allicia Travels to Costa Maya for her Birthday!

Allicia loves celebrating her birthday and usually starts planning her celebration, with the help of her Mom (and Family Care Giver) one year in advance! Allicia will be celebrating her 41st birthday on January 31st. To celebrate, Allicia and her family are taking a cruise to Mexico to swim with dolphins. Jean reported they are having a lovely time in Costa Maya. Allicia’s sister and brother-in-law were able to join, as well!

Jean reports that Allicia and family traveled to Costa Maya to see the Mayan ruins. “It was so fascinating.”, she relayed. They also got to see lots of spider monkeys in the jungle. In addition, Allicia did really well and overcame her fear of allowing the dolphin to take her to shore by having her ride on his belly. Allicia did it and was so glad!  It was wonderful moment.

We love how adventurous Allicia is! Happy birthday from your team at Support, Inc.!