FCG month

Family Caregiver of the Month

Please join us in congratulating our most recent Family Caregiver of the Month, Craig! This nomination was submitted by Stephanie with the Denver/Colorado Springs Team.

We would like to nominate Craig Sullivan for Family Caregiver (FCG) of the Month. Since taking over as the full-time FCG, Craig’s passion has been nothing short of amazing. He is very mindful with person-centered-thinking, and not only keeps RS engaged with her community, but rather immerses her in it. For example, Craig and RS have attended tribute band’s concerts frequently. RS has established a relationship with the band and has her own set of drumsticks that were gifted to her from them. Craig and RS also like to celebrate Halloween and find much joy in creating a one-of-a-kind costume that takes months to plan. RS even won best costume at the Support Inc. Halloween party! As a Residential Coordinator, it is fun checking in with them because you know they will have a fun story to share of what they’ve been up to. Thank you for being a phenomenal advocate and caregiver. Congratulations, Craig!