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COVID-19 Communication

To Support, Inc. staff, providers, and families

In this COVID-19 communication we will cover the following:

Support, Inc. Offices, and Hybrid Work Environment

More and more we are hearing medical experts talk about COVID-19 moving from a pandemic to an endemic. While there’s not a specific cut-off to determine the end of a pandemic, there are some broader general markers and the current data on transmission shows we are likely on the road to endemic. This leaves us all with a lot of thoughts and questions about what life after the COVID-19 pandemic will look like. Will we need to continue to get an annual vaccine like the influenza vaccine? Could COVID-19 spike again next fall/winter? Is it safe for me to return to activities I enjoyed before the pandemic? While we don’t know the answer to many of these questions, it’s safe to say we are all looking forward to returning to some ‘life as normal’.

As we look forward to returning to activities and social behaviors we have before the pandemic we have learned a lot over the last 2 years that we can carry with us into the future. One big thing we as a company and IDD services in general learned was how to utilize virtual technologies. While there were many pain points in this process, and at times there still are, this is a tool to have in our tool belt as we move forward. For many individuals in services the use of virtual technology meant they could continue to socialize with friends and family, get access to medical care and call a team meeting quickly while remaining safe at home. We learned how to hold meetings through various virtual platforms and adapted to working from home and setting up a home office.

Support, Inc. is looking forward to utilizing what we learned over the last two years as we move forward. We will continue to offer virtual and/or in-person clinical behavioral services to ensure we can meet each individuals needs and preferences. Our administrative staff will continue to have the ability to work from home. Utilizing virtual technology has allowed to build and maintain connections across our ever-growing geographical catchment area.

While utilizing virtual technology has been highly beneficial, we also recognize the importance and benefit of gathering in-person. Over the next couple months, we will begin having in-person meeting across teams and departments.  We will be working to redesign our administrative offices in Aurora to offer a comfortable place for people to work, host meetings and provide in-person trainings. Finally, we look forward to planning a ‘welcome back’ event to bring all our staff, contractors, families, and individuals together sometime this summer.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or your supervisor. We will continue to provide updates through email, our website and our Facebook page.