Day Serv.

Day Services News & Updates

Aurora Day Program:

The Support Inc. Aurora Day Program is doing well and continuing to accept new individuals and growing the day program. The team is working hard to integrate into the community and provide creative, fun activities for individuals in services. The individuals and staff are having a great time on these outings. Some recent activities include, going to parks, Wendy’s, a splash park, the air and space museum and the butterfly pavilion!! Contact if you are interested in learning more about our day program.

Community Based Day Services:

We continue to work hard to provide community based Direct Support Professionals (DSP) to our individuals in services. We have a dedicated staff person focused on this job. She reports that we are currently thriving in the DSP field, as we have hired some quality staff recently. They also met with HR & Intake with a focus on improving our DSP onboarding process. Critical meet & greets with DSPs and the people we serve are going really well! Our dedicated DSP Supervisor attends every internal team meeting to get the needs met, and happy to say we’ve taken a handful of needs off our “needs list’ recently! On another positive note, we have an individual who is simply thriving with his new DSP. Since the DSP has been working with him, he has really come out of his shell. He’s communicating verbally more, he’s more attentive, and he is more willing to participate in activities! He loves working with his DSP and looks forward to their visits :).