Please join us in congratulating our August Host Home Provider of the Month, Lydia Ayele!!! Lydia was nominated by the Denver Metro 1 team. According to the team, Lydia is more than an HHP for her individuals, she is their family. Lydia is consistent with medical appointments, documentation, and provides a fun and safe environment for everyone to thrive. She is always on top of anything the team needs before they even ask for it. Lydia is dedicated to being compliant and providing the best care for her individuals. She also does a great job taking her individuals out into the community. Lydia took her individuals to Florida this past April, which was a first for them all. This was A’s first plane ride as well. Lydia was supportive throughout this process and understood that this was not only an intimidating experience for A. but also a big accomplishment. Lydia and the girls went on boat rides, had beach days, and took a tour of Miami on a double decker bus. Everyone spoke on having the best time and they are looking forward to their next vacation. Thank you, Lydia, for being a phenomenal Host Home Provider and congratulations on winning HHP of the Month!