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Leslie Travels to Lincoln, Nebraska

When our Host Home Providers send us photos from a weekend expedition, we love to live vicariously through the family! Leslie had an excellent time during a recent trip to Nebraska. Henry (her Host Host Provider), relayed how they use out of town trips to bond with family and also individuals. Henry and his wife, Nelke, also prepared to turn around, in case Leslie didn’t want to travel all the way to Lincoln. What a heart of gold these providers have, to be so flexible with no expectations attached to their trip.

Henry and Nelke also planned ahead by budgeting two hour stops into the drive, to ensure they fulfilled her needs.

Upon checking in at the Marriott hotel, located in downtown Lincoln, the receptionists were so sympathetic. They realized Henry and Nelke care for Leslie and felt especially touched by their career choices. The next morning, Marriott Staff surprised the family by providing a discount for the stay.

The trip continued with a tour to Sunken Gardens. This special place is the only garden in the state of Nebraska to be listed in the National Geographic Guide to Public Gardens 300 Best Gardens to Visit in the United States. Henry reports that Leslie had a blast. The flowers were vibrant and beautiful, with bright pops of color.

She kept on requesting me to buy Mother’s Day gift for Nelke. Instead we surprised her with a balloon and a stone with wonderful words ingrained on the stone.

Henry and Nelke believe Leslie enjoyed the trip, as evidenced by following indications- When driving home, she started loosening her grip on the front seat and fell asleep for a nap. Normally, Leslie hangs on tight to the seat in front of her. In addition, she thanked the couple for the trip once they arrived home. And before Leslie fell asleep that night, she asked Henry when they’re heading to Las Vegas.

We can’t thank Henry and Nelke enough for bringing Leslie on their trip! As we always say, we truly have the best providers. We thank Henry and Nelke for their kindness and dedication to Leslie. We also thank Danielle for nominating these two for Host Home Provider of the Month.

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