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Residential Updates

The Residential Team continues to expand to meet the demands of new admissions now and in the future. As we move through 2022, we continue to get closer to our goal of 7 Residential Teams, each consisting of one Associate Director (AD) and 4 Residential Program Coordinators (RPCs).

Our newest team Denver Metro 4 is led by Associate Director Liz Hildebrand. Liz previously was the Associate Director overseeing our Colorado Springs Region. Liz is joined by RPCs Anna McFarland and Jordan Ocana. We welcome Jordan as the newest member of the Residential Team! Liz and team cover the entire metro but will have a special focus on the Denver Metro North region.

Liz Hildebrand, Associate Director for Denver Metro 4
Jordan Ocana, Residential Program Coordinator for Denver Metro 4


Our total team count is currently at 6: Denver/Colorado Springs (AD Danny Hill), Denver Metro 1 (AD Becca Peloquin), Denver Metro 2 (AD Danyelle Grajeda), Denver Metro 3 (Lieke vandenBerg), Denver Metro 4 (AD Liz Hildebrand), and Loveland (AD Brian Slusarz).

Our 7th team (Denver Metro 5) will help us keep caseloads small as we prepare for new admissions that we expect to take on as a result of the State of Colorado increasing their commitment to funding the release of more DD waiver slots.

We continue to hire for RPCs to round out our existing teams and also start building Denver Metro 5. If you or someone you know may be a good fit, please put them in touch with any member of our Residential Team and/or direct them to the jobs page on our website.

As always, please reach out to a team member if you need assistance or have questions.