Stephan and Melissa Land a New Apartment!

We are so excited to read these details from the Denver-Colorado Springs Team! Read ahead to learn more about Stephan and his girlfriend, Melissa. The two recently resettled into a new place, and the couple continue to do well in a new setting!

The following write-up was produced by Kayla-

I would like to take some time to recognize two wonderful people in services who have grown and learned so much over the past year. I met Stephan and Melissa at a home visit to their apartment here in Colorado Springs. They are the nicest and sweetest couple. Melissa and Stephan both expressed over the next few months that they would really like to strive for a better neighborhood and more of a community feel and would not like to continue to resign a lease.

As the end of their lease came closer, they started looking for their perfect apartment. I was impressed on how they really wanted to ensure their fur baby “Hank” had a park, and that there was a sense of community. They have solidified an amazing new apartment, with all the upgrades they dreamed of!

Since moving into their apartment they have really wanted to have things that are theirs. Like a lot of young couples, you get hand-me-downs, things that are less than perfect or even just something to get them by. With support from our residential services and their amazing understanding of budgets, expenses, and life in general, they finally have things they can call their own. Stephan and Melissa have done a stellar job of prioritizing needs vs wants and being able to effectively communicate certain wants that were important to them. They are also taking some time to find out what their passions are and would like to start classes at a local college.

The maturity and growth demonstrated in the past almost year since meeting them has been a true joy. I am so happy to see them both thriving and building a space of their own and can’t wait to see what the next year has in store for them!